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How much of the blame goes to Blank/Mccay ?

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  • How much of the blame goes to Blank/Mccay ?

    With all of the bad stuff that has happened this year how much should we blame Blank and Mccay ?

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    Mckay I think will end up being the scape goat. Blank is a great owner, and is doing everything he can (spending money) to put a great product on the field. McKay I think is the one who's going to end up getting killed for this and maybe rightfully so, we;ll have to wait and see.


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      Blame is 100% on Vick this year.


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        According to what I've read on several sites: Arthur Blank wanted Mike Singletary, but McKay wanted Petrino. So I would say a lot of blame goes to McKay if that is true.
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          Blank was asked straight up about McKay's future and he gave an non-answer. I think the whispers of his demise are likely true.


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            I hate Bobby Petrino.

            Quote that hit the mark for me was

            "He wasted a year of my career" - Lawyer Milloy, 10+ years pro and not many left how dare he. What a **

            Go to and watch Roddys interview too, he is nearly in tears, poor guy.

            Emmit Tomas seems the TOTAL opposite of Petrino, a kind old guy who cares about this team and said the young guys will definatly play lots this week.

            P.S dont you feel sorry for the Bucs oppening KR this week. Alot of anger on this
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              I've heard the McKay/Petrino rumor too. Don't know if it's true or not, but if it is then Rich could be on the hot seat. His draft last year may save him

              I see the new coach having a lot more power in the organization. McKay may be left with draft evaluation(with coach having fianl say) and negotiating contracts.



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