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My Thoughts on GM/Coach/Co-ordinators

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  • My Thoughts on GM/Coach/Co-ordinators

    At the moment i like the look of this set up.

    GM/VP: Marty Schottenheimer
    HC: Mike Singletary
    DC: Mike Zimmer
    OC:Cam Cameron

    It's very balanced, Schottenheimer has a history with Cameron, im hoping Cameron gets fired with Parcells bringing in Dallas guys. Cameron was a beast of an OC at the chargers and would be given complete control of the offense and hopefully maintains a similiar mentality of airing it out to the playmakers.

    Marty Schottenheimer and Cam Cameron would also have mentality that i agree with, that is, continuing to sculpt a massive offensive line take a beast LT in the draft like Long and most likley another OT similiar to what that did with McNeal. Furthermore they have shown patience in keeping QB Rivers on the bench for a year, that is what im talking about, we cant throw a rookie QB to the wolves. Id love a rookie to be there and to be playing well but he needs a good Oline to do that. Getting sacked 10 times a game is just going to damage his confidence for his entire career and wind up a Joey Harrington v2

    Zimmer would keep control of the defense which i would love, he is clearly improving the play of each of the guys on D and i dont want to loose him.

    The final phase would be Singletary, the motivater, the guy who cuts all that junk that our players (such as D Hall- who i love) sometimes get up to. As a disiplinarian he, however would not be reveared as Petrino was because the players would respect, even idolise him. His duties would mainly be to motivate, deal with the media. Things i think he would be perfect at.

    What do we think?
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    Interesting. I like the general get-together. However, the problem is this. While Parcells has expressly said that he is done with coaching, thus at least giving the new HC a chance to get on with it himself, Marty has made no such proclamation. It would be almost inevitable, under the above arrangement, that Marty and Singletary would have some difficulty in making their relationship work. Not out of any clash in personality, but because it is innately difficult where there are blurred edges in responsibility.

    The current gossip is for Schott and Nix (asst GM of SD) to be HC and GM respectively. That could work nicely. The problem is that Schott is rather old. Therefore it would be great to have a future HC on board. Problem is, we can only get hold of Singletary by making him HC, because he is already asst HC of SF.

    I fear that it is a question of one or the other.
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      One possible answer:

      If we could indeed get hold of Cameron as OC, and keep Zimmer as DC, we'd effectively have two serious HC candidates already on the books, in the system. Promoting from within is almost always more effective that wholesale change.

      So this would be the scenario:

      GM: Nix
      HC: Schott
      OC: Cameron
      DC: Zimmer

      Schott rights the ship, gets us heading in the right direction. He retires after three years, let's say, and then we promote either Zimmer or Cameron. Job done.
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