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Jags Smith emerges as leading HC candidate

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    I don't like it. At all. Hopefully he is a draft whiz.


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      i dont know why they just dont wait for spagnuolo, they have been looking for a hc for so long, another 2 weeks to get the man they actually want wont do much harm. i know they say that they need to start buliding the staff around the new head coach, but rushing into this will set the franchise back even further. what that former jags player said about smith worries me.


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        He was in Jacksonville for one year, back in '05. I wouldn't put too much into what he had to say. Now if that was Mike Peterson or John Henderson I would say differently.


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          News of the Falcons hiring of Jacksonville defensive coordinator Mike Smith, drew positive reaction Wednesday morning at the Senior Bowl.

          "Nobody works harder," said Jacksonville head coach Jack Del Rio. "He's got a great mind for football. He's prepared for this opportunity and I think he'll do a nice job with it."

          Del Rio was not sure what assistants that Smith might want to bring with him to Atlanta from the Jacksonville staff.
          "We'll work through that," Del Rio said.
          Del Rio guided the Jaguars to the AFC divisional round of the playoffs this season.

          "We worked hard to put together a strong staff," Del Rio said. "We'll just continue to do all that we can to win. Obviously I wish Mike the very best with this opportunity that he's getting."

          Joe DeCamillis, a former Falcons assistant and Jacksonville's special teams coordinator, said he would not join Smith's staff in Atlanta. Mike Tice, Jacksonville's assistant head coach/tight ends and former head coach with Minnesota, does not plan to come to Atlanta.

          When asked if he would be joining the staff in Atlanta, Tice said, "We've got a pretty good thing in Jacksonville."

          Both DeCamillis and Tice praised Atlanta's choice.

          "He tries to make it complicated for the teams he's playing, but simple for the players that he's got," said DeCamillis. "It's a very physical defense that's technique sound. I think he'll do a great job for them."

          "He's a very bright man," said Tice. "He's very diligent in what he does with his preparation. A great leader. Great character. I think that everything about him exemplifies a guy that has worked his way up through the ranks. He was a college coach, NFL assistant and defensive coordinator."

          Another coach at the Senior Bowl, Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Jim Colletto, worked with Smith when both were on staff with the Baltimore Ravens.

          "When he first came to Baltimore, he kind of assisted the defense. You could tell he was really a sharp guy. He did a heck of a good job with those guys," said Colletto.

          "He's done a great job in Jacksonville and he's really a good guy. A genuine, honest, loyal, and good guy."

          I'll take their word over the word of Marcellus Wiley.


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            Wow...they sold me...maybe I shouldn't be sold that easily...but sounds good to me =)


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              Originally posted by The Unseen View Post
              Interesting comments made by former Jag Marcellus Wiley on First Take.

              He basically said that Mike Smith was a figurehead in Jacksonville, and that Jack Del Rio and even Mike Peterson were the defensive coordinator more than Mike Smith. He said that no one in the locker room really respected him, and that he was just a guy that stood in the front of the locker room.

              Jaguars fans all knew Jack Del Rio really ran the show defensively, but Marcellus's comments are very interesting. I think he's exaggerating the truth a bit, but I think his main point - that Mike Smith was secondary to the Jaguars defensive success and that JDR is the man behind the machine - is true.
              Lol, of course that is who we hire.

              Originally posted by D-Rod View Post

              I wouldn't get too worked up about it, Bama. He's got a fantastic coaching pedigree, and has been the co-ordinator of a consistently excellent defense. He's got more experience than any of the other candidates, and has shown really impressive consistency.

              No, the Jags have not been at their best this season, but they've still been very solid, and that's with their two stud DTs being injured for most of the season, their premier DE still struggling from a major achilles injury. I'm also impressed at the way he has brought rookies, like Nelson, into the starting line-up, making the best of their abilities while covering their flaws.

              In short, Smith has a fantastic pedigree. The other candidates do too, but Smith more than deserves an opportunity.

              That's assuming this story isn't just pulled out of the ether...
              I will repeat: it does not fit. The best way to cover up a young team is big plays. He is a zone guy with little pressure. We do not have the power to dominate up front. We are speed. He is Ed Donatell. But then again it is early.
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                Originally posted by scar988 View Post
                looks good to me. hopefully we get Rex ryan for DC and norm Chow for OC. that would really make my day.
                norm chows with ucla. hes gone.


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                  Wiley has whined his way through the past four years of non-production, being cut left right and centre. The last person to cut him was Mike Smith. He's basically been forced into retirement. Bitter much?
                  TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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                    Being blitz-happy works both ways. Big plays for and against. There are plenty of very good defenses which don't blitz all the time. There's nothing wrong with making an offense work hard for every yard. Two other things:

                    1. Smith is evidently not stupid. If he thinks a slight adjustment will fit our personnel better, he will make it. Good coaches aren't straight-jacketed into a rigid scheme.

                    2. Apart from the two defensive tackles - who've been injured the past couple of years - he arguably has better talent to work with. In particular, he has more turnover-creating playmakers: namely, Hall, Abraham, and Boley.

                    Finally, there's not much point in moaning about it. It's done. You've registered your discontent, great. But unless you want to keep moaning about it for the next few years, you may as well suck it up.
                    TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"



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