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Expect Major Changes in personnel in Atlanta

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    Originally posted by falconsrule View Post
    Im really excited about the cap money hopefully we spend it carefully but I really dont understand the love affair with Max Starks the guy couldnt even start for his own team.

    If you are 6'8 340, you will get a look anywhere.


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      There will be a good # of teams with 20-30 million under the cap with the new CBA. It's not as if the Falcons will hold much, if any, advantage there.

      Though Blank could certainly choose to spend his bucks more freely than others.

      Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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        Originally posted by BamaFalcon59 View Post
        You said we were in salary cap hell just a week ago. Told you haha.
        You told me nothing...we are currently in cap hell...and making a flurry of moves like that, while it will free up that money now, we're going to be suffering pretty bad next year with all the dead money we'll have...


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          Originally posted by scar988 View Post
          guys who I would like to see us make runs at (not limited to just these guys of course)
          QB - Rex Grossman/Quinn Gray/Billy Volek
          RB - Michael Turner/Jamal Lewis/Greg Jones (JAX FB who was a RB at FSU)
          WR - Devery Henderson (KR)/Tim Dwight (KR)
          OT - Jordan Gross (RT)/Stacy Andrews (LT)/Max Starks (RT)
          OG - Jacob Bell (RG)

          DT - Corey Williams (NT)/Grady Jackson (NT)
          LB - Karlos Dansby (MLB, if not franchised)
          S - Gibril Wilson (FS)

          K - Josh Brown/Lawrence Tynes
          I would DESPISE Grossman Gray is intriguing, and Volek is just too old, but I like him for a short term answer.
          Turner, great, Lewis, not anymore, Jones - STUD, I know I'm a homer, but I loved this guy, the only thing that held him back was that knee injury, he's 100% from that now, and we don't need a homerun back, we need a beast it up the middle and wear people down back, he'd be great for that.
          WR - I'd be up for either of those...why not Johnson?
          OT - Gross won't leave, Starks is my favorite, Andrews I don't know enough about.
          OG - I'm happy with it if we move Forney.

          K - There are some real good ones in the draft, and I don't really want Tynes.


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            Looks like we aren't getting Vick's 20 million. Wonder how it affects this.


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              Me too...that kinda pisses me is that not fair that we get it back? I think even if he has to pay that money to him that the NFL should have a ruling in this situation that would allow the team to remove him from the salary cap, period, that salary will still be paid out of Blank's pockets, but would allow the team to not have to suffer for the bone headed move of 1 seems really unfair to me...


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                Michael Vick has to give back 3.5 Million. That will help, but I doubt the team gets any "A-list" free agents.


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                  The vick decision is annoying, but frankly I don't really want A-list free agents. I'd much rather build through the draft, with a couple of mid-level FA guys here and there.
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