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    Obviously...however if you can get pieces like Turner and Starks who are young guys who can really be good building blocks, plus getting a good draft crop in, that's smart. That's how you turn things around. Sure, we won't win this year, but if we can win a few more games than expected, then we can keep butts in the seats. That's what I'm wanting, and expecting. I'm saying it'll take a couple seasons to get things in order the way they should be here. Having guys like that to build with is what you need.


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      I guess we'll have to wait and see.

      My four choices, being realistic rather than over-ambitious, would be:

      Max Starks - he can fit in at either RG or RT, and do a very solid job. Price should be reasonable. Maurice Williams is the alternative.

      Eugene Wilson - I like him because he has the flexibility of playing FS or NB, depending on how JW does this preseason. Price should be reasonable, due to recent injuries. Madieu Williams is an alternative.

      Musa Smith - he's nothing great, but he's a solid power back. I fully expect us to draft a back this year. That way the rookie will have competition to be the second back. I still expect us to draft a back in the 3rd/4th who can come in straight away. Rice or Forte in the 3rd would be ideal.

      Isaac Spopanga - he's no more than solid depth, but we need to have something at NT, and I can't see us getting Corey Williams, being the best player at a position of such importance. Grady Jackson is an alternative, if he'll come back...
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        Originally posted by Shiver View Post
        Even Rotoworld is predicting Michael Turner to the Falcons. I suspect Turner, and at least one O-Lineman and one DT will be signed. My bets:

        Max Starks
        Corey Williams
        Michael Turner
        Yeah i saw the Turner prediction two. This offseason, Jonathan Stewart and Michael Turner are the two perfect RBs for us. I'll take the one that doesnt cost us our 1st rounder anyday. Here are my F/A bets who, IMO wouldn't cost much more than Shivers three

        1. Michael Turner RB
        2. Grady Jackson NT
        3. Nat Dorsey RT - was always my 2nd choice after Stacy Andrews
        4. Maurice Williams RG/RT - battles it out with Clabo for the soon to be cut Kynan Forney's RG spot the looser backs up both RG and RT positions. Did you know Williams is younger than Forney? i always thought he was alot older
        5 Eugine Wilson FS/NCB


        1. NT/UT Sed Ellis
        2. LT Carl Nicks
        2. QB Joe Flacco
        3. Best MLB/TE available

        hey, we wouldnt be looking to bad after this
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          Free Agency is going to go a long way in determining what kind of team we have next year. I know that's kind of obvious, but this team can decide now to be a cellar dwellar for another year, and go 3-13 or can decide they want to win some more games now and go 6-10 or 7-9 with the right spending in FA. The FA as always will determine where our biggest needs are and I'm excited to see what comes of it...


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            Corey Williams, DT Green Bay Packers, was franchise tagged today. So he is no longer an option.
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              **** (10 words)

              "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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                well that sucks...oh well...


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                  Wow, now there are NO decent DT's on the market...
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                    DT IMO should always be/has always been our 1st round priority. I mean there are no F/A DT ( i could of told you Williams would be franchised months ago) and both the men with the power love 1st round DT's 2nd round OT's and 2nd round and later Qb's.
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                      Max Starks transition tagged. Annoying. Might still be possible to tease him away from the Steelers, but could be expensive; perhaps a little "poison pill"-type inventiveness is called for...
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                        I don't even get the transition tag thing...


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                          Basically, they can match the best offer, but don't get any picks if they choose not to match. Exactly what happened to Seattle with Hutchinson. Problem is, I think the league have tightened up on Minny's trick of including the poison pill in the contract offer that the contract is all guaranteed if it's not the highest O-line contract on the team...

                          If they haven't tightened it up, we could do that: I'm sure that the highest O-line contract on the Steelers (Marvel Smith) is higher than our highest (Weiner?)...
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                            If we get him would we cut Weiner though?


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                              Wouldn't have thought so. If we got him, I'd have Weiner at LT (with a 2nd round rookie backing him up), Starks at RT, and Clabo at RG.
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                                Here are some F/A's that have not yet been discussed.

                                Javon Kearse- The perfect, and i mean perfect type of DE i want us to draft late on the 2nd day. If we can get him cheap in F/A id be all for it. Healthy hed be ridiculous as a 3rd round rotation DE

                                Elton Brown (RFA)- Big and athletic might be our RG. i Think he has a 4th round tender on him. He is 25,

                                Darrel Blackstock
                                (this mightnt be the correct spelling)- He is a young OLB for the Cardinals. Might be good SLB/WLB depth and would be cheap.

                                Im sold that i want Michael Turner HB , Grady Jackson NT and Maurice Williams RT/RG in F/A

                                Apart from these guys, as far as F/A targets go, Im still looking for a

                                1. 3rd round D/E - Maybe Kearse or a young edge rusher i havent heard of? Suggestions...?

                                2. Young Olineman now that Stacy Andrews is off the list, possible RT of the future - either Nat Dorsey, Elton Brown or Max Starks Suggestions...?

                                3. A fringe starter but mostly nickel CB - Fernando Bryant? Suggestions...?

                                4. An experienced QB (presuming we are after a QB other than Matt Ryan such as a Joe Flacco or Chad Henne as these players will require more time on the bench) - Todd Collins? Suggestions...?

                                In addition to the first 3 guys im settled on id like to grab Free Agents in 2 of the 4 other areas. Itd make the draft easier.

                                Id love our O Line Depth Chart to look like this after the draft/F/A period. Then id open it right up and let them battle it our for every position
                                LT Jake Long/ Todd Weiner/ Quinn Okinyaka
                                LG Justin Blalock/ Maurice Willaims
                                C Todd Mclure/ Doug Datish
                                RG Tyson Clabo/Maurice Williams
                                RT Max Starks/ Maurice Williams/ Todd Weiner/ Quinn Okinyaka.
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