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    Chad Henne to Josh Johnson? No.
    Virginia Tech.
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      Round 1a: Darren McFadden HB - stellar
      Round 1b: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB - could be unreal
      Round 2a: Chris Williams OT - have a hard time believing he'll be around
      Round 2b: Sam Baker OT - I'd like a better scheme fit, but good value here
      Round 3a: John Carlson TE - meh, I want a TE, but he's not the guy
      Round 3b: Philip Wheeler ILB - value is about right, and the player is a stud
      Round 3c: Josh Johnson QB - Compensation at the end of round 3 and we get this guy, I'd be good with it. Massive Potential
      Round 4: Tom Zbikowski S - I like this kid a lot, but I'd much prefer Barrett, but he may require an earlier pick. But I love this kid's toughness, I just think his coverage skills leave a lot to be desired. Stone > Zbikowski

      That's what I think *shrug*


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        Eh. McFadden is great, but there are good runningbacks that can be had in rounds two and three who will not need to be payed over fifty million dollars.

        Domanique Rodgers-Cromartie is getting overhyped. Thin body, played bad competition, and I doubt he fits our scheme.

        Both left tackles are finesse, I think one would be okay, but not both. Physicality would be needed, especially at right tackle and both of them are natural left tackles.

        Carlson is eh. I like Martellus Bennett more but he is likely selected prior to that, so I guess it is an okay pick.

        Good player if available, I like some players more but Wheeler is pretty good.

        Really doubt we get a third round compensation pick for Kerney, but if so I reckon Johnson is an okay pick at that point. Quarterback will and should be addressed earlier in the draft for the Atlanta Falcons.

        Zibby is alright. Not a huge fan, but he brings toughness and competition for Daren Stone. But toughness and competition for Daren Stone can be had later in the draft.

        That is my opinion on what you have so far.
        Virginia Tech.
        ACC Champions 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010

        Next Up: 2012



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