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  • Steve Wyche on SIRIUS NFL RADIO

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    • Patrick Kerney is gone, most Falcons fans understand the fiscal reasons for letting him go.
    • Vick to audible, which he did do under Reeves. His inability to do so was a major souring point to the offensive players on the team.
    • O-Line is the team's biggest hurdle, "changing the body type."
    • The team will add a lot of Wide Receivers in free agency, to try and "unearth" a hidden gem, or someone who hasn't had an opportunity yet.
    • Petrino's offense isn't like other college coaches, who didn't succeed. He has NFL backgrounds, with NFL assistants.
    • Bobby Petrino is the opposite of Jim Mora in terms of attitude. Disciplinarian type that is needed for the team.
    • He would be surprised if 1st and 3rd is given up for Schaub. However, Wyche doesn't believe Schaub will be on the '07 Atlanta Falcons. Expect a draft day trade.
    • You could make a case that Matt Schaub could go to the Raiders, in some way. "All kinds of scenarios."

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    Got to get it done.

    It's been said many times, but seriously, how great is it to have a real man, a disciplinarian, as coach? Mora seemed like a really nice guy, but he could be such a girl at times...
    TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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      The Jim Mora era was marred with inconsistency, specifically because of that. Everyone gets on Michael Vick, and DeAngelo Hall, for being "inconsistent." When, in actuality, the whole team was inconsistent. I cannot remember the last game where the entire team played 'well' at the same time. The defense, run and pass, the offense, run and pass, even the Joe D special teams. This team was like a roller coaster for the past three seasons. In '04 this team was lucky the schedule was a cup-cake. I believe consistency is tied into the Head Coach. I have never seen a Bill Belicheck, or Andy Reid, etcetera, coached team radically go from good to bad so often across every single unit and position.


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        I hope Petrino does well and is Atlanta for the next decade or two



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