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Stroud A-town Bound?

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  • Stroud A-town Bound?

    It only makes perfect sense...the Jags are calling for a 2nd rounder...why the heck shouldn't we pack up that #48 overall pick and land big daddy Marcus Stroud? What DT could we get at #48 that would match Stroud? I don't see one. Not only that, look who our HC is, look who our DC is, look where he played college ball...that's right UGA. Man this could be a sweet nice deal for the Falcons, obviously I don't want to give up having 2 picks in the 2nd, but essentially we'd be drafting Marcus Stroud #48 overall in the draft. If he were in this year's draft he'd be talked about as a top 5 pick vs Dorsey and Ellis wouldn't even be a thought.

    Obviously this is just PURE speculation, but wouldn't it be nice to have 1 position locked up come draft day? Only thing that would be scary then is letting us pick him up, PLUS then getting OL help in Free Agency...would leave us staring 'overrated' in the face.

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    We're a team rebuilding. Stroud is a 29(?) year old with dodgy knees. He also has a massive salary hit. If the Jags cut him for salary reasons, great, I'm sure we'll be the first to go knocking on his door.

    But I, personally, would hate to offer a mid 2nd round pick, which should produce a future impact player, for a guy who appears to be on the decline.
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      Can someone bring up his injury records?


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        He had issues with injuries this season...7 games missed and an 8th where he had 0s for every stat but apparently tried to play.

        In 2006 he missed 5 games as well...

        Other than that he's never missed a game. I don't know what the injury was that kept him out in 2006. He did have an issue with steroids and the league policy, may have been to get himself healthy again...


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          I'm pretty sure he just had major surgery. I'd give a 4th.


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            He went to Buffalo for a 3rd + 5th. I would have liked if we made that deal... hopefully I'm wrong.


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              Yep, he's gone for a 3rd and 5th...oh well...was a good thought.



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