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    Originally posted by BamaFalcon59 View Post
    Everyone else hated Matt Ryan before the draft. I liked him. We draft him and now everybody mostly likes him.

    Well, he was growing on me up until the draft, and now I've really started to like him.


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      I loved the defensive selections you guys chose, it's just a shame Dorsey wont be in the middle playing ahead of Lofton...Imagine Dorsey, Anderson if he gets his ass into gear, Lofton, Jackson is an excellent pick for a cover 2 and he could become a star opposite Houston, Decoud is another excellent value pick I wanted Dallas to look at, he should fit the cover 2 very well, same for Jimmy Williams...Even without Dorsey their are some valuable pieces to the defense which is good.

      Lofton was my pick for DROY before the draft even started, he will be a complete monster.

      As far as the PR thing is considered, wasn't Warren Sapp the face of the Bucs franchise for his entire tenure? I mean, they didn't have a QB backing that franchise, Sapp was the face of the team and led them the right way...I just don't get why Blank didn't think the same could be done with Dorsey, as far as a QB, if you guys would of traded back up for Henne or Brohm in the 1st, that should still be enough to make people forget about Vick...I like Ryan, I just didn't believe they would take him over Dorsey, but for the sake of the franchise I hope it works out.

      Originally posted by Scott Wright
      I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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        Matt Ryan was on top of my draft board at one point. For some reason, I had Gholston on top of my draft board on draft day in front of Dorsey and Ryan. Dorsey and Ryan were a toss-up though, so I just went with Dorsey. The draft boards were really all close though after Jake Long was taken off the draft board.


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          I already posted this in the rookie numbers thread 3 days ago but i'll post it here in not all have seen it...

          Falcons full:


          QB Matt Ryan 2
          OT Sam Baker 72
          LB Curtis Lofton 50
          CB Chevis Jackson 29
          WR Harry Douglas 83
          S Thomas DeCoud 28
          LB Robert James 45
          DE Kroy Biermann 71
          RB Thomas Brown 27
          CB Wilrey Fontenot 37
          TE Keith Zingler 82


          DE Brandon Miller 58
          RB Jamar Brittingham 40
          P Jimmie Kaylor 4
          OT Michael Butterworth 68
          S DJ Wolfe 42
          CB Glenn Sharpe 35
          LB Issac Brown 43

          Sig by: BK

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          Originally posted by fenikz
          we all hate you


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            i wonder which future player will don the #21 and #7 for us.


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              QB Matt Ryan 2
              OT Sam Baker 72
              LB Curtis Lofton 50
              S Thomas DeCoud 28

              I love those numbers, going to look real good out on the field, favorite is Lofton's but those are my 4 favorites from this year's class numbers wise.



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