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    delighted about mughelli, FB is a hugely underrated position. being a probowl alternate to Neal is no shame. might be a tad pricey, but this market is ridiculous. sounds like we got massively outpriced for the OGs. $50 mill for both Steinbach and Dockery?

    I'd love Horn at WR, and Grant at FS. Rod Hood at NB would be good too. Still have the problem at LT and LG though...
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      Originally posted by D-Rod View Post
      I'd love Horn at WR, and Grant at FS. Rod Hood at NB would be good too. Still have the problem at LT and LG though...

      LDE as well.


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        Damion McIntosh, left tackle, Dolphins
        McIntosh is a versatile lineman with experience at both guard and tackle. He doesn't blow anyone off the line, but he's an effective blocker who can be counted on to be a solid starter. He'll likely command less money than Dielman, Petitgout, Steinbach and Davis.

        very interesting...

        id defiantely sign him if hes still available. then we could get an OT or an OG in the 2nd, because he has versatility at both positions.

        i love the mughelli signing and the wilkins signing. hopefully we can snag reggie kelly, chris draft, deon grant and roderick hood. then id be done in free agency i think.

        if we got grant and hood, would we release webster?

        we should also cut gandy, 4 million dollars more cap space if we do.

        and beverly, one dimensional player that doesnt fit in petrinos system.


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          McIntosh is already signed, I'm fairly sure - also for a hefty amount.

          But I agree, signing Grant, Hood, Kelly, Horn, and possibly Draft if he's cheap, would round out a solid FA. It's looking more and more likely that we're going to have to live with Gandy/Omiyale at LT, unless we think we can get a starter in the first couple of rounds of the draft.

          We definitely have to address LDE in the first two rounds.

          If we do get those guys in FA, I'd expect a LDE, LT and LG in the first three rounds, probably in that order.
          TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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            From Rotoworld:

            Free agent Joe Horn will make a formal visit to Atlanta on Monday night.
            Hopefully he will be a Falcon by Tuesday.


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              Matt Lehr released. Good riddance. It's bad enough to cheat, but to be suck even when cheating is unforgiveable.

              Anyone know how well Floyd Womack actually played last year? I'm of the understanding that he was solid, but not much more. He'd be an upgrade on Lehr, but I'm not sure I'd want to be serving him up with an overly large or long term contract.
              TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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                Yes sir, now we gotta get rid of Gandy, and Webster (unless he will restructure, he's too expensive to be a Nickel corner) He's gotta go.


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                  That's interesting, apparently we're looking at Will James (used to be Will Peterson). He's a bump and run corner, who's had major injury problems. Apparently the deal would be a vet minimum deal for one year, to give him the opportunity to prove his health. Could work out well, he'd be an excellent nickel if healthy, and we wouldn't have much to lose with the right deal.

                  see ajc.
                  TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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                    If we sign James, (Peterson), that would allow the team to release Webster.


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                      Originally posted by Shiver View Post
                      If we sign James, (Peterson), that would allow the team to release Webster.
                      Well, possibly, but not necessarily. I'm not sure we could count on James to be fit all year, so we'd need someone who we'd be comfortable playing NB if James was injured.

                      A CB stable of Hall, Williams, James and Hood/Cash would be fairly strong.
                      TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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                        James, Mughelli, Womack and Horn would be fine midrange acquisitions that would really help the team. Ignoring the overpriced high end options is a wise strategy.


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                          The Falcons released guard Matt Lehr on Monday, the first sign of a change along the offensive line. Lehr is the fifth starter to be released or depart via free agency since Friday, the start of the free agency.

                          Defensive end Patrick Kerney, wide receiver Ashley Lelie, fullback Justin Griffith and linebacker Ed Hartwell are all gone. Lelie, who was an unrestricted free agent, signed a two-year deal with the 49ers Monday.

                          Lehr, signed as a free agent in 2005, started at left guard the past two seasons but was suspended for four games last season for violating the NFL's steroid policy.

                          Coach Bobby Petrino said he will beef up the Falcons' undersized line, which was designed to execute the zone-blocking scheme implemented by former offensive line coach Alex Gibbs. Petrino plans to utilize more conventional run- and pass-blocking schemes, where bigger players can forcefully create space.

                          President and general manager Rich McKay said the shift to bigger-bodied players won't take place all at once, and that the team feels it can acquire players over the next two years to fit Petrino's scheme. There is no need to rush to sign offensive linemen, McKay said, citing the team's mid-summer trade last year to land starting left tackle Wayne Gandy.

                          Atlanta met with veteran Seattle Seahawks guard Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack (6 feet 4, 330 pounds) over the weekend, but no deal was reached. Tyson Clabo, who started 10 games last season, P.J. Alexander and Quinn Ojinnaka, a rookie in 2006 who is expected to challenge for a starting job, could be used at left guard.

                          In San Francisco, the 49ers reached a tentative agreement during the weekend with Lelie, a deep threat who had a disappointing season with the Falcons, catching just 28 passes for 430 yards.

                          The 49ers believe Lelie can return to the form he showed during four seasons in Denver, when he had a total 3,003 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns while twice leading the NFL in yards per catch.

                          In other developments, cornerback William James — formerly Will Peterson — will visit with the Falcons on Wednesday, according to his agent, Ron Slavin. James spent part of last season with Philadelphia after a back injury derailed his career with the New York Giants.

                          "I think they're serious about signing him," Slavin said. "A Bobby Petrino defense is a bump-and-run defense, and that's Will's forte."

                          James (6-0, 200 pounds), scheduled to visit New Orleans today, wants to sign a one-year deal and prove that he is healthy, Slavin said.
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                            any chance we go after randy mcmichael?


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                              I hope not, we need the bocking TE now.


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                                Right now we are talking to Joe Horn, Will James (Peterson), Toniu Fonoti and Floyd "porkchop" Womack to my knowledge. Now that I have the power, I made this a sticky, locking the superfluous threads.



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