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  • THE Free Agency Thread

    So we won't have to make a billion threads about different things, let's make this one, the one.

    First I will start with the AJC article:

    Spending Spree not likely

    Falcons' spending spree not likely
    Limited cap space limits free agency goals

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 03/02/07

    By noon Friday, the Falcons will know whether they will be players in free agency or if they'll be anxious observers, waiting a few days, maybe even weeks, for prices — and players — to get in line with their budget.

    Atlanta entered the free-agent period, which started just after midnight Friday, with roughly $10 million to spend under the $109 million salary cap. Some of that money has been and will continue to be manufactured by the release of veterans who don't fit new coach Bobby Petrino's plans or the Falcons' salary structure.

    "For us, it all depends on how the market plays out," president and general manager Rich McKay said. "You always go in with a couple guys as targets that you would like to take care of early in free agency, but you have until the market unfolds over the first 12 hours. That usually is when you see if you want to be a player.

    "If the market comes back and we're not comfortable, we'll go back, take our time and add more players rather than fewer players."


    McKay said the Falcons would build their roster through the draft, an area that has been hit-or-miss the past three seasons. Atlanta has the 10th overall pick in the April draft.

    "My theory has been, and it's not my theory alone, but most teams follow the thinking, you don't build a team through free agency," McKay said. "It's an opportunity to add players that complement what you've built as a base through the draft. There occasionally will be opportunities to get a player like John Abraham at a position where we didn't have any players.

    "You do that as the exception to the rule. You build a team with the draft. You develop those players and then re-sign them."

    Patrick Kerney, a player the Falcons drafted in the first round in 1998, was not re-signed and hit the open market at midnight. Though Kerney, the top defensive end on the market, said he thinks his days with the Falcons are over, McKay said the team has a standing offer to Kerney.

    Fullback Justin Griffith and wide receiver Ashley Lelie appear to be headed elsewhere, though, as the Falcons have not been as proactive in trying to retain their services.

    As for free agency, the Falcons likely will try to upgrade the offensive line, the secondary and possibly wide receiver and running back. McKay would not discuss the team's free-agent targets.

    Guard Eric Steinbach, who played in Cincinnati under new Falcons offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, is considered one of the top free agents at any position. Other available offensive linemen include Kris Dielman (San Diego), Leonard Davis (Arizona) and Luke Petitgout (Giants). The Falcons expressed some interest in Petitgout last offseason.

    Though it has yet to be determined if Petrino and new defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer plan to keep second-year player Jimmy Williams at cornerback or move him to safety, Buffalo cornerback Nate Clements is available and could be a huge improvement opposite Pro Bowl left cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

    With Lelie's likely departure, Atlanta could try to sign Philadelphia's Donte Stallworth or St. Louis' Kevin Curtis,. The Saints also released longtime standout Joe Horn.

    Petrino has said he also would like to add a bone-crushing fullback — Griffith was more effective making plays in the open field. Baltimore's Ovie Mughelli, a teeth-rattler with solid hands, fits what Petrino seeks out of that position.

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    Well...I'm just glad this part of the year is back again, I'm really ready for the draft now =)


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      I heard today, (I forget whether it was ESPN or NFL Network) Atlanta will go after Ovie Mughelli, the Fullback for the Ravens. He is a decent pass catcher, but the 255-lbs sledgehammer Bobby Petrino wants in his Fullback.


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        Sounds good to me.


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          It should help on goal-line, 3rd and 1, situations. Where Justin Griffith wasn't sufficient at.


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            How awesome would it be if we could bring Stallworth to the ATL? I'm in love with the thought.


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              Originally posted by ATL s View Post
              How awesome would it be if we could bring Stallworth to the ATL? I'm in love with the thought.

              He seems like another lost cause in Atlanta.

              "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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                Yeah, I know he has been a baller, but do we really want to have him be our #1? I mean if we can, sure, that'd be fine, but I don't wanna overpay him. I'd rather move up to get Calvin.


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                  names I'm hearing about coming to or coming back to the ATL from my guys:

                  QB Anthony Wright
                  RB TJ Duckett
                  FB Ovie Mughelli
                  WR Joe Horn
                  OG Eric Steinbach
                  OL Nat Dorsey

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                    Falcons interested in former Saints WR Horn

                    By STEVE WYCHE
                    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
                    Published on: 03/02/07

                    The Atlanta Falcons might be on the path to bolstering their maligned wide receiver unit and a void in veteran leadership on offense by acquiring free agent wide receiver Joe Horn, who was released by the New Orleans Saints earlier this week.

                    The Falcons and Horn's agent, Ralph Vitolo, entered into discussions just after the free-agency period started at 12:01 a.m. Friday, according to Vitolo. While contract talks have not been broached, the sides are trying to set up a visit for Horn so he can meet with the new coach Bobby Petrino and his staff, Vitolo said.

                    That meeting could come this weekend.

                    "We're not sure where it's going yet," Vitolo said. "They were the first team I spoke with. He'd be a perfect fit with those young guys. You team him with Alge Crumpler and Michael Vick and he might be the ingredient that helps them get to the Super Bowl. We are very interested and they seem to be too."

                    Vitolo said Horn, 35, and Vick have been friends for years and that relationship could factor into Horn's possible union with his longtime NFC South rival.

                    Jacksonville, Miami, Cleveland and Green Bay were some of the other teams to have reached out to Horn, but Atlanta is at the top of Horn's list, Vitolo said.

                    "Things have been very positive," Vitolo said of talks with the Falcons.
                    Interesting. Joe Horn would be an awesome addition. Not just on the field, but he could mentor Roddy and MJ as well.


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                      Would you guys want TJ Duckett back... might be interesting

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                      “They have one guy, he’s pretty short. But he can go out and play. He can be a little aggravating too.’’ -- Joe Flacco talking about Brent Grimes.


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                        Ovie Mughelli has signed with the team, 6-years, 18$ Million dollars. He is a 255-lbs sledgehammer. Another example of the transition from Jim Mora's finesse (Griffith) to Petrino's physical (Mughelli).


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                          yea GREAT sign... hopefull he dont bust like Hartwell did.. doubt it.. imagine the holes Noorwood and Dunn will get with a 255 FB instead of a 235 FB(actually more like a RB)

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                          “They have one guy, he’s pretty short. But he can go out and play. He can be a little aggravating too.’’ -- Joe Flacco talking about Brent Grimes.


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                            Living in NJ I didn't catch that many Southern games. How is Joe Horn? Is he still capable of being our go to guy?


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                              His only problems have been injuries. He's still be productive, when he's on the field. The biggest thing Horn would bring is a leader. As well as a mentor to our young and developing receivers, also Michael Vick.



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