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  • Minicamp/Training Camp Thread

    anyone been attending the OTAs and witnessed the workouts? its really slow and i wanna hear some news about the rookies and our team. i read from somewhere grimes was playing well and that surprised me so any info or pics regarding the falcons will be greatly appreciated.

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    I obviously haven't been, but from what i have read....

    -Players love Mike Smith
    -Brent Grimes, Laurent Robinson, Harry Douglas and Matt Ryan all look very good
    -Pledge to get the ball to Norwood more "believe it when i see it" - described as now having some of the best "functional stregth" on the team
    -Jimmy Williams is a possibility of not making the team at 230lbs
    -Horn wants out
    -Chevis Jackson looking ok but his struggling a bit mentally
    -Jamaal Anderson to play of a pass rushing role, (10lbs lighter) AND will also move into UT (like Justin Tuck) on 3rd down while a guy like Beirman come in at LE.

    My thoughts

    -Grimes and Houston will be our day 1 starters
    -Matt Ryan will start day 1
    -Jerious will be involved slightly more- not as much as we'd like
    -At best Jimmy Williams makes the roster and does nothing, At worst he is cut. I hope im wrong
    -Martrez Milner will surprise
    -Thomas Brown is really built, looks like a RB, looks kinda like Michael Turner (not as thick) i think both he snelling make the team and we enter the season with Mcentyre Ovie and the 4 RB's
    -We will struggle massively on RUN D up the middle.
    -Turner will play well so long as the O Line is at least decent
    -Baker will stuggle
    -It wont be consistant, but there will be sure signs throughout the year of a genuine high powered offense with Roddy Laurent Matt Mike and Jerious that will develop in 2010 and beyond (the frequency of these signs will be dictated by the above 2 points)
    -Matt Ryan 19TD and 13 INTs
    -Turner 1100 Yards 9TDs
    -There will be a genuine "team" feel this year, players playing for the coach and each other, alot like the Pats IMO. This should lead to us overachiving by at least 2 wins
    -final record 7-9

    **Turner is gonna, in the words of Marshawn Lynch, be "stooopid in madden" in 2009, i traded my draftee in the second year of my 2008 franchise for Turner the otherday. The man is a battering ram

    Also no word on the DT group we have, which annoys me. Makes me think they will be really bad or really good. I wish i had heard some feedback on Moorehead and Moore because im not confident in Staley to plug it at NT if Lewis is out
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      im surprised about grimes. i remember him being an undersized dimeback.

      i hope norwood learned the mechanics of blocking. from what i heard, norwood couldnt pass block well enough last year to play 4 quarters. that and his durability.

      **** j-will. we gave him enough chances and i feel for him playing under different systems and coaches almost every season of his nfl career but he has greatly disappointed. no wonder all those teams passed on him.

      i love the idea of utilizing jamaal in a justin tuck-like role. sure it probably wont be as effective but i think he can make more plays and gain confidence. it'll also give opposing teams more to think about.

      i wasnt the biggest fan of the thomas brown pick but it seems like he will learn from the best of his style in michael turner and hopefully we got a gem in the late rounds.

      i know how it feels about being left out in the dark about our DT situation but i trust mike smith knows what he's doing. thats his specialty so im sure he has something planned for the season.


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        The thing with Grimes and Houston at CB is that we would have two excellent cover guys, they would be right on the hip of any WR they cover throughout the season which HAS to be better that the Webster and Sanders days.

        However, the problem lies with Houston in that he can be right were he needs to be but wont turn around and lacks the ball skills to make a play on the ball. I think you'll see Grimes has better ball skills than Houston, his problem will be his size and how he will fare IF a guy catches the ball on him. Remember though, we have already see Grimes at his worst, against Arizona last year Grimes was possibly againt the player that he is the worst FIT to cover in the entire NFL in Bolden- essentially a power RB in a WR's body, if theres anyone a 180lb CB will struggle against its him. But with better matchups, more coaching and expereince, i think he might be a gem.

        In my opinion, with an improvement in the ball skills of both players and less powerful WRs i think we may have 2 nice corners to start the year with.

        IMO Jamaal Anderson wont really be effective in a Justin Tuck role and it will be scraped pretty early on. While Tuck and Anderson are the same weight, Tuck is 270+lbs of pure muscle- the guy is a beast. Unless Anderson increases his musle to weight ratio i dont think he will have the power to do much of anything at UT.

        In terms of Norwood i dont think Smith will place the same emphasis on a RB having an excellent ability to block as Petrino did. We have TE's now that will be used primarily as blockers where-as before we would be split 4-5 wide. Still though, Norwood would have to be DECENT at it to get more playing time. Maybe he was decent last year- good enough for Mike Smith, not good enough for Petrino
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