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I still say the Falcons should be considering an OT in round 1.

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  • I still say the Falcons should be considering an OT in round 1.

    The Falcons could make good use of another OT added to the roster. The Falcons 'identity' right now is a franchise QB, Pro Bowl RB, Pro Bowl WR. The strong point of the team is offense. They are similar in ways to the Colts, who almost every year use their first round pick to keep quality players around Peyton Manning. Yes, they drafted Sam Baker last year, but his durability is a question. Todd Weiner has retired and Tyson Clabo is a versatile player who can move around if another OT is brought in. I'm not sure there will be an OT worth the 24th pick, but it's still a position that would be a good use of a first rounder. OT's are very valuable players and good ones rarely hit the open market. It's at least worth discussing again.

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    Maybe in the later rounds for depth, even as early as rd. 3, but that's about it.

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      If, by some chance, one of the top guys, like Oher or Smith, falls, then yes.

      But otherwise, we have far greater needs on the defensive side of the ball.
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        ya i cant see Smith or Oher falling into our lap

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