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  • Falcons Draft Targets

    Hey guys, list here who you feel the Falcons should draft at our posistions of need.

    Add a lot of players so we can look into and discuss them.

    Im really interested in gerald McRath and want to see how everyone else feels about him compared to Cushing, Matthews etc.

    What about David Bruton in the 3rd round??

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    I've read on several diffrent places that the falcons are intrested in CB Asher Allen from UGA. That would make some sense in the 3rd round.


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      Asher Allen is not a 3rd rounder. He'll be a 5th at best right now.

      You can say he's very underrated. Short, average speed. He's a great player tho, and if nothing, could help our return game a lot. Should of stayed another year in college. CB is not a huge need for us, and adding him is not really gonna do too much for us, because he's probably not going to get the nod over chevis jackson or con hutchins. We have grimes and Irons as well.
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        ya Asher Allen is definitly not a 3rd rounder, not even close. I wouldnt mind him in the 5th or 6th


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          i would love Asher Allen in the 5th round

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