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    Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds View Post
    He's been described to me as quite raw with potential. While I have a lot of faith in TD, I'm just not a fan of drafting a raw player with poor measurables in the 3rd round.
    Well, he's got 38 career starts.

    Also, I wouldn't describe his measurables as poor:

    5'10", 181
    40 Yard Dash : 4.51 seconds
    Bench Press : 14.0 reps
    Vertical Jump : 34.5 inches
    Broad Jump : 110.0 inches
    3 Cone Drill : 6.93 seconds
    20 Yard Shuttle : 4.17 seconds
    60 Yard Shuttle : 11.4 seconds

    Compare that with Darius Butler, whom we considered with our 1st rounder, apparently:

    5'11", 183
    40 Yard Dash : 4.46 seconds
    Vertical Jump : 43.0 inches
    Broad Jump : 134.0 inches
    3 Cone Drill : 6.92 seconds
    20 Yard Shuttle : 4.19 seconds

    Butler is obviously better, but the only real difference is in the jump drills, in which Butler is just ridiculously explosive. Owens has pretty decent measurables, and apparently run sub4.4 at his proday - and he's had good production at a level that is far from mickey mouse.

    I'm with you in being surprised, definitely, but I can see what TD might have been basing this pick on.
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      Lawerence Sidbury Jr. What do you know? Great ****.


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        Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds View Post
        Lawerence Sidbury Jr. What do you know? Great ****.
        Happier now? :)

        I definitely am.

        Now we need some OL and OLB depth.

        Duke and Ellerbe would be a nice combo.

        By the way, the fact that we haven't addressed OLB yet makes me think that we'll at least kick the tyres on Leroy Hill.
        TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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          4 picks, all defensive. Really, its what we needed. Definetly should pick up an OL in the 5th, and I think we should go after Hill in FA as well

          Atlanta Falcons


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            WOW, Sidbury is a huge steal at this point in the draft. He could easily be the Mathis type or DE we've been looking for opposite Abe on passing downs.

            Let's not give up on Anderson off the bat people, it's not like Strahan was an All Pro right when he came into the league. Anderson will be, at the very least, very good against the run as he continues to mature in the NFL.

            As for the corner, again, I will not doubt TD's decisions. Hopefully, this guy will turn out to be the solid corner we need.


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              i am starting to really like how the draft is turning out. moore in the 2nd and sidbury in the 4th are real good value picks, who fill some of our biggest needs. than d line is starting to come together quite nice, very athletic, and great pass rush ability


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                I agree kira. If you look at the picks from this & last year's draft, you can see the direction we are heading and how these guys are pieces to the puzzle we're putting together. Big MLB, undersized DT's that can eat up Guards while creating major pressure up the middle, a huge DE on one side holding his edge and a super fast on coming off the other edge to the blind we just need 2 athletic OLB's to finish off our front 7...and we may already have 1.


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                  How can you not love this draft now? OMG SIDBURY IN THE 4TH. WOW.

                  he is 267 pounds so it's not like he's too small to play LDE for us. Chanucey is 270. He should fit in very nicely.

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                    Originally posted by Bosanac01 View Post
                    How can you not love this draft now? OMG SIDBURY IN THE 4TH. WOW.

                    he is 267 pounds so it's not like he's too small to play LDE for us. Chanucey is 270. He should fit in very nicely.
                    Difference being Chauncey never sniffed a 4.67 40 yd

                    Sidbury could be the best pure pass rusher in this draft class.


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                      on the clock again


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                        Freeman or Duke would go down nicely.

                        Maybe Meredith.
                        TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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                          Wow, another corner?

                          William Middleton....another no name corner at that. Hell, Samuel was a no name when they picked him.


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                            Another slightly odd pick.

                            I know that TD specialised as a secondary scout, but this is rather taking it to extremes.
                            TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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                              i dont understant why another corner, but we pick again real soon, so maybe freeman or another linebacker will be selected soon


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                                here we go again, lets get freeman



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