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    Whats your grade of the draft ?

    Round 1 - DT Perria Jerry
    Round 2 - S William Moore
    Round 3 - CB Chris Owens
    Round 4 - DE Lawrence Sidbury
    Round 5 - CB William Middleton
    Round 5 - OT Garret Reynolds
    Round 6 - LB Spence Adkins
    Round 7 - DT Vance Walker
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    We loaded up on linemen to add depth to positions of need along the line, which is probably why we passed on 2 big time Guard prospects for a somewhat unknown Tackle from UNC.

    I really like the OLB from Miami...he has great speed on paper and might be able to compliment Lofton in the way we need. The big question with him will be his true football IQ.

    Neither of the corners were really on my radar, but that is TD's specialty so you have to trust that.

    Overall, it has none of the wow factor that last year's draft gave us, but it seems like a lot of intelligent picks for our defense.

    Here are my big beefs:

    1) We took a tiny DT with our first pick when there were some huge names still there, and when our best DT the last few years was north of 350 pounds by a good bit. This worries me as it may be seen as a desperate move to make-up for not drafting Dorsey last year. Babineaux is a proven rusher at DT and, if anything, we should have picked the best BIG DT available to be our run stuffer of the future.

    2) William Moore needs to end the cycle. We have drafted 3-4 Safeties in the last 5 years, so if he doesn't work out then we need to find someone who CAN scout Safeties (maybe the Cardinals scout? lol).

    3) Sidbury is my favorite pick of this draft. He is Abe insurance but, more importantly, he may become the Abe effectiveness increaser. My concern is that we, once again, have spent 4 picks on DE's in the past 4-5 years (1st on Abe & Jammal, Chauncey, Sidbury, did I miss one?).

    4) The corners and the Tackle from UNC all bother me because I have honestly not seen any of them play. I trust our FO now, so it doesn't bother me nearly as much as it used to.

    I graded this draft higher than I normally would, but I have to support this regime after the job they did last year.


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      You forgot Kroy Biermann who will be a great situational pass rusher with sidbury.

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        Here we go.

        Round 1 - DT Perria Jerry: B/B+. I was initially very upset with the lack of trading for Glenn Dorsey, and I still am. However, there is a very real possibility that the deal was pure BS as well or maybe the Chiefs just weren't offering the seemingly cheap price that was being reported. This pick has grown on me and not in the way that it has too, just because he's on my team. I've got to imagine that we are going to have some crazy stuff going on up front. Babs and Jerry are both 1 gap guys with big time motors, who thrive stunts. While they may not be as massive as Smith's old duo, he's going to have some fun with this. His highlight reel actually reminded me quite a bit of Rod Coleman. Dimitroff is describing him as a country-strong 1 gapper with a higher motor. Smith likes him because he says he will have the ability to take on double teams and disrupt plays. His explosion and hand usage really impresses me. What I don't like is that he isn't a very high potential guy, has some durability concerns, and is going to be 25.

        Round 2 - S William Moore: A. Tough not to like the pick. Top 15 player after his junior season, played hurt this year and struggled early on. Made himself look more like a 3rd-4th rounder. However, he's going to step in immediately and fill a big need at SS. He's a super high reward type player with great athletic ability and talent. Should fit very nicely in our two deep safety scheme. Love his range and ballhawking ability. Not going to find many size-speed-talent guys like this late in round 2. Just a great pickup.

        Round 3 - CB Chris Owens: C+. I was pretty mad about this one. A #2 corner at San Jose St. didn't exactly wow me. However, I've heard some good things and it sounds like the kid has some potential. Also sounds like he can play some physical man coverage which I like a lot. Haven't seen a ton of him, but I'm not very impressed with his size or ability to match up with bigger receivers.

        Round 4 - DE Lawrence Sidbury- A. Probably my favorite pick in the draft. Was very upset about not taking him in round 3, so I was pumped to see him there in round 4. I'm a huge fan. He's undersized, but you can't teach the natural pass-rush ability that the kid has along with his great speed. He's very quick with great speed around the edge and does great in pursuit. Not to mention he is filled with potential. He's going to spell Jamaal on 3rd downs, and take some snaps for Abraham, while grooming him as the future at RE. Then add in the great value at round 4 and you've got a real win here. I think he compares quite well to Elvis Dumervil.

        Round 5 - CB William Middleton: C+/B-. Great athletic ability and a good strong build. I haven't seen him play or really found too many scouting reports on the guy. I do like the athletic ability and raw potential though.

        Round 5 - OT Garret Reynolds: D+/C-. It's just depth here, but I'm still not an overly huge fan. For a guy his size all the scouting reports say he isn't very strong and isn't a great bender. Struggles in space and doesn't have much in terms of tools. Good intangibles with the bloodlines, experience, and size does help though.
        Round 6 - LB Spence Adkins: D. I'm not sure here, but I've got to assume he projects as a real good ST guy? His pro-day numbers are impressive and he seems to be pretty strong and fast. However, the man didn't even start as a Senior at Miami. Eh.
        Round 7 - DT Vance Walker: B+. Like it a lot. Good production and is an explosive one gap type. Good range, and he will be some nice DL depth.


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          Keep in mind that not starting at OLB at Miami is almost like not starting at QB at USC right now. It really shouldn't reflect poorly on him, because Miami has turned out more first round linebackers than just about anyone in the last 5-10 years.



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