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We have to pick a Hokie...who will it be?

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  • We have to pick a Hokie...who will it be?

    My pick. 5th Round. David Clowney

    I am a big fan of this guy as a mid-late round pick. I think he got messed up by a PITIFUL QB in Virginia this last season, but I think it could help us in the long run.

    Another one to watch for.
    Brandon Frye - OT - Virginia Tech

    This guy is BURIED in the list of Offensive Tackles, but I think in the 3rd or 4th round he'd be a STEAL. The guy is POWERFUL and has some serious punch when he gets his arms out there. I think he's just overlooked. He's not overly huge...but at 6'4 he's big enough and over 300 pounds. He could be exactly what we need.

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    I dont think Clowney is very good, I wouldnt mind Frye..... I think a lot of the OT this year are about equal. He falls somewhere in the middle, and with good coaching, he can be pretty good...


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      Clowney has very good hands. He just has never had great production, due in large part to the fact that his QB couldn't get the ball near him. I think as a 5th round guy he'd be a great Kick Return option as well as someone who can help as a 3rd/4th WR kinda guy.


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        I'm not sure Frye fits in with what Petrino wants on the OL, as his body, from what I've heard, is close to being maxed out in size. Clowney is a possibility late. Adding someone like Noland Burchette late may make some sense as well.



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