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  • New mock from here on in...

    Well, just because:

    Deon Grant/Ken Hamlin
    Edwin Mulitalo/Adam Timmerman

    (may require a bit of restructuring, but that is definitely possible)

    (cut Rossum, draft K/PR in 4th round)

    Houston Texans trade down to #20 overall and trade for Matt Schaub

    #10: Adrian Peterson (can't turn him down, Dunn gradually eased out of rotation, and actually gets used more at receiver this year, then retires. in future years, AD and JN are ridiculous combo).
    #20: Levi Brown (we simply have to address the LT position, and Brown has a good chance to be a franchise tackle, and should at worst be a very good guard).
    #44: Tim Crowder (he's the image of kerney. very solid allround athlete, makes up for lack of elite explosion with great work ethic, will offer reliable production at LDE).
    #75: John Wendling (Elite physical attributes, but lacked production. Projects to either FS or SS, huge upside, could be an absolute steal, but should be available here given the usual low priority for safeties).
    4a: Travarous Bain or C.J. Gaddis (valuable depth at CB, should develop into NB).
    4b: Antwan Barnes (need a backup to Demo at WLB).
    4c: Yamon Figurs (allows us to cut Rossum, let Jennings and Figurs compete for returning duties; also great gunner, and could develop into exciting WR talent; gives us a total of 6 WRs, necessary to run 4 WR patterns even with injuries).
    5: Kasey Studdard (good size and experience at OG, adds depth and potential future starter).
    6: Stanley Doughty (to compete with fellow Gamecock, Shrop, and TJ, as the future replacement for Grady).
    7: Antwan Applewhite (situational passrusher)

    Might be a little ambitious, but would be heroic.
    TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"

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    I'd say either: Safety or DE @ #10

    I wouldn't go RB 1st rd because the best RB in the draft (Tony Hunt) will probably still be there in the 2nd or 3rd.

    If we go DE with the #10 we could pick up TRA BATTLE (S) and/or Kenny SCOTT (CB/S) 2nd Day for DB depth.

    I like the Levi Brown pick eventhough, IMO, OL should be taken care of in FA and maybe draft a Tackle and/or a Guard.

    I also like ALama-Francis (DE) Hawaii, he's a tweener. He can play both UT and DE with his speed and size

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      Peterson will not last out of the top 4 picks. If the Falcons somehow put together a package to move up that far they will, and should, take Calvin.

      That being said, there are many holes to fill at OL, DL & the secondary and plenty of depth in the draft at those positions. This is where the team should focus it's draft & free agency efforts.



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