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What is the possibility that Ginn

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  • What is the possibility that Ginn

    is still there in the 2nd round when we pick?

    I know it's a guy we haven't talked about a lot because he will likely go too high, but with all this time away and out of the media, do you think he could slip down a little bit? I mean it's not impossible, seeing how deep the WRs are. I think he could end up being there when we pick in the second round. If he is, would you guys be upset if we picked him in the 2nd?

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    I think its a given that a WR will slip in be taken in early round 2. But I think that player that is more likely to be there in round 2 is Rice. I am not a fan on Ginn, but If he is there in the second he would be hard to pass up.


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      in the 2nd round that would be fine. I just would not waste a top 20 pick on him.

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        Being out of the media won't hurt his draft stock. A poor workout could, though. I doubt he falls to the 2nd, though, as plenty of teams in the late first would likely roll the dice, barring the poor workout. I mean, he'd probably be ideal for KC, New England and a couple other teams if he was available.


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          I dunno though, there are just WAY too many WRs, someone has to slip.


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            I guess I wouldn't mind giving Ginn a chance in the 2nd. He is a true boom or bust prospect with blazing speed, but struggles with his routes and hands. As long as we don't the next Troy Williamson when we could be drafting the next Sean Taylor in LaRon Landry.



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