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Scar's 2010 mock draft scenario

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  • Scar's 2010 mock draft scenario

    Atlanta gets: 44th overall pick and 47th overall pick
    New England gets: 19th overall pick and DE Jamaal Anderson

    - this is assuming a good 3-4 LB falls for them like a Brandon Spikes, and they still want to keep their 21st overall pick for another faller like Carlos Dunlap who could be the next Richard Seymour in their scheme, or someone else. They stockpile picks so that they can continue to trade up every year.

    this trade works in the trade value chart as an 890 pt for 875 pt trade and has Anderson valued at around a late 6th/early 7th level.

    Key re-signs
    QB Chris Redman, RB Jerious Norwood, RB Jason Snelling, OG Harvey Dahl, OT Tyson Clabo, CB Brent Grimes

    WR Muhsin Muhammed
    - Bringing him in for competition and leadership would be great to have. Could be cut in TC but until then would give our WR's on tips to help them out. Old, but still reliable with his hands and could fill Finneran's old role.

    OL Nick Kaczur
    - While he is getting a bit older, he has always been a reliable backup for the Pats and could come in and be a good backup for us at both OT spots. Could also backup OG and would be a better option at LG than Ojinnaka.

    DT Fred Robbins
    -Would come in and be a good backup DT and could be a good mentor to our younger DT's. Would be a perfect run down NT for us.

    CB Walt Harris
    - Veteran from SF who has played in almost every coverage scheme. Old but should be able to come in and compete for a roster spot, ST spot and maybe even starting spot.

    This drafts assume worst case scenario for comp (4th, 6th, 7th)
    2nd round - 44th overall
    OLB Eric Norwood - 6'1" 252 4.65 - South Carolina
    - Great player and leader on the SC team. Team captain for the Cocks, brings intensity and ferocity in our LB corps. A very underrated player in coverage. From what I've seen could easily handle playing the SLB spot for the first 2 downs and then a DE spot on 3rd down or a blitzing LB on 3rd down in our 3-3-5 defense. Would allow Nicholas to move to WLB and play his more natural spot.

    2nd round - 47th overall
    DE George Selvie - 6'4" 250 4.75 - South Florida
    - Team Captain at USF and one hell of a pass rusher. Was slowed htis year due to multiple double teams every game and made fellow DE Jason Pierre-Paul look like a pro player. Would give us an amazing pass rush and would be a good fit at RE once Abraham retires. Would give us a future DE corps of Biermann, Sidbury and Selvie, 3 very good pass rushing DE's.

    3rd round - 83rd overall
    CB/RS Kyle Wilson - 5'10" 185 4.40- Boise State
    - Small and fast, but also a great cover man. Will provide competition to the corners we have and will allow us to have a nice wide open competition in camp for both CB spots. I could see Owens and Grimes winning the spots in camp where Wilson would be a nickel and a KR/PR. Wilson is a Team Captain, a known hard worker and one hell of a player and could only make us better.

    4th round - 115th overall
    TE Tony Moeaki - 6'4" 250 4.84 - Iowa
    - Great blocker and receiver. A senior captain and reminds me of a younger Tony Gonzalez. Can help out as a seal blocker on the outside runs and will give us some more versatility in our 2 TE offense than any of our current TE's give us. Also has the ability to line up at TE when Tony G is slotted out and could allow us some more trickery in the offense.

    4th round - comp
    WR Naaman Roosevelt - 6'0" 187 4.55 - Buffalo
    - Roosevelt is a beastly WR even though he is a bit slower than the other WR's in this draft. Will likely fall due to his size and speed, but plays bigger and faster than his speed. Another Team Captain and senior. I'm trying to go after the team captains in this draft for more leadership on a team that could use it to continue it's run so far.

    5th round - 146th overall
    OG John Jerry - 6'6" 335 - Ole Miss
    - Big and powerful. Team Captain and senior, he can fill the hole that would be left by Justin Blalock should he leave in 2011. Jerry is quick enough to slide out to tackle as well and should give us some versatility to our backup OL. He also would be able to give much more of a push against the opposing teams than Quinn Ojinnaka did in his time at RG and would be a better fit for the backup RG spot right away.

    6th round - 180th overall
    OT Ed Wang - 6'5" 309 - Virginia Tech
    - Another strong powerful OT in the 6th round. Wang is a very good player and should be able to backup both OT spots. Played LT for the Hokies and has experience blocking the RDE. Has a good kick step and is an underrated pass blocker. A leader on the Offensive line for the Hokies as well and should be a good asset in the lockerroom.

    6th round - comp
    QB/WR/Wildcat Jarrett Brown - 6'4" 223 4.59 - West Virginia
    - This late in the draft, you take a guy who can help the team in any way possible. Brown is a guy who was stuck behind a top QB in college. Reminds me very much of the D.J. Shockley situation. He is fast, with a strong arm and good size. He isn't very accurate but he still somehow completed 63% of his passes. Should be a good fit in the offense and could allow Mularkey more flexibility in his packages as a possession style WR. Team Captain and a senior.

    7th round - comp
    DT Jeff Owens - 6'3" 306 - Georgia
    - Back to back years taking home grown, team captains at their respective colleges. Should be a good fit for Owens and Walker as the reserve DT's and while Owens should likely end up on the Practice squad until there is an injury, I think he has all the ability in the world to start in the NFL. He could have been a 1st round pick this year if it wasn't for the injuries he sustained in 2009. Very quick and strong and will be a great fit for the cover 2 and bolster the strength of the DL even more.

    I feel like this draft would hit all of our needs while also helping the team out in the long run. It's all seniors and team leaders/team captains and fits the model that I think TD and Smitty want of high character, high production guys on the team.

    Depth Chart
    QB - Matt Ryan/Chris Redman/Jarrett Brown/J.P. Wilson/D.J. Shockley
    RB - Michael Turner/Jerious Norwood/Jason Snelling
    FB - Ovie Mughelli/Jason Snelling
    WRF - Roddy White/Naaman Roosevelt/Troy Bergeron
    WRP - Michael Jenkins/Muhsin Muhammed/Jarrett Brown
    WRS - Harry Douglas/Eric Weems
    TE - Tony Gonzalez/Tony Moeaki/Justin Peelle/Keith Zinger/Jason Rader
    LT - Sam Baker/Nick Kaczur/Ed Wang
    LG - Justin Blalock/Nick Kaczur/Quinn Ojinnaka
    C - Todd McClure/Brett Romberg
    RG - Harvey Dahl/John Jerry
    RT - Tyson Clabo/Garrett Reynolds/Ed Wang

    RE - John Abraham/George Selvie
    NT - Peria Jerry/Fred Robbins/Jeff Owens
    UT - Jonathan Babineaux/Vance Walker/Chauncey Davis
    LE - Kroy Biermann/Lawrence Sidbury/Chauncey Davis
    WLB - Stephen Nicholas/Mike Peterson/Spencer Adkins
    MLB - Curtis Lofton/Tony Gilbert/Robert James
    SLB - Eric Norwood/Coy Wire
    LCB - Chris Owens/Kyle Wilson/Tye Hill
    RCB - Brent Grimes/Chevis Jackson/Walt Harris
    FS - Thomas Decoud/Erik Coleman/Antoine Harris
    SS - William Moore/Jamaal Fudge

    K - Matt Bryant/Steve Hauschka
    P - Michael Koenen
    KOS - Michael Koenen
    KR - Eric Weems/Kyle Wilson
    PR - Harry Douglas/Kyle Wilson/Eric Weems
    LS - Mike Schneck/Joe Zelenka

    Free Agent
    Draft Pick

    Depth Chart is heading into Training Camp and should give us some good competition.

    Owner of ScarDraft
    Atlanta Falcons and NFL Draft Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report

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    Two comments at this point:

    1. Walt Harris and Kyle Wilson are not even close to an adequate solution to our CB problem. Walt Harris is now a scrub, and Wilson cannot be expected to contribute as an immediate starter. I appreciate that there are only a limited number of starting caliber CBs available in free agency, and it may be that we can't get one; however, I don't think any offseason could be ideal without acquiring one.

    2. I like Norwood, but I think he's a 3-4 LB all the way. Nicholas was good at SLB, and the role is almost identical to WLB in our system. LB was a strength this year, and I think we have much bigger problems. I'm eyeing the 3rd round for a future replacement for Peterson.
    TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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      A couple of things that I do like:

      1. Nick Kaczur - agree that we need a veteran OT backup, and Kavzur has proven that he can hold the fort for a while if necessary. With him and Reynolds behind Baker and Clabo, I'd be reasonably comfortable at tackle.

      2. Selvie would be an excellent pick in the middle of the 2nd round, if we end up with a pick there.
      TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"



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