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  • It seems like Arizona may be serious in their preference for Brown over Thomas. In that case, if Thomas is on the board at #5, they may be willing to trade down. The value difference is 300 points, which is roughly our 3rd and (first) 4th. I would do that in a trice to get a franchise LT.

    Then we could draft thus:

    #5: Joe Thomas
    #39: Charles Johnson
    #44: Eric Weddle

    Rest of draft: interior O and D line, and power RB (hopefully Bush).
    TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


    • If Peterson is there at #8, I'd really want to trade down.

      This is why:

      Many of Norwood's best runs are straight through the tackles. He's far more than a scatback. Hopefully he's been bulking up over the offseason, especially those legs. He needs a power back to help him out, and keep him fresh, but not one at #8 overall.
      TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


      • Originally posted by ksfalconsfan View Post
        Would everyone be satisfied with this?

        #8 - Alan Branch - we need a run stuffing d-tackle to pair with Rod Coleman, due to the lawsuit of Grady Jackson, and also both of them are aging. Branch also has amazing athleticism for a man his size. (6-6, 330 lbs) I read in a scouting report on him that one of his "weaknesses" is that when he is double -teamed he can forget about the ball carrier and focus on destroying the blockers. Now that's not a bad weakness to have for a DT.

        #39 - Brandon Meriweather - 1st round talent, and need position for us. He comes from Miami, which is one school that always has players do well in the NFL. My only worry is his character, I hope the brawl was a one-time incident.

        #44 - Justin Blaylock - A huge, powerful run blocker, he can knock people off the ball and will work perfectly in our power running scheme.

        #75 - Josh Wilson - This CB out of Maryland has been clocked at 4.28 in the 40. That puts him as one of the fastest players in the league. He's also known as a tough guy with great intangibles, which, added with that blazing speed, make him someone I would love for the Falcons to get. He can surely beat out Jason Webster, and may be able to puch Jimmy Williams for the #2 CB job.

        #109 - Lamarr Woodley - He does not have the great size and speed that you look for, but this guy was the most dominant player on the best defense in the nation last year. He won the Lombardi Award for best player on the d or o-line last season.

        #133 - Michael Bush - I think that he may fall this far because of his knee, and everyone expects the Falcons to be the team that finally pulls the trigger. He was a Heisman candidate, has terrific speed and moves for his size and is said to have great intangibles. If his knee is okay, he could be the steal of the draft.

        Besides Josh Wilson and Alan Branch I like your draft.


        • Maybe Alan Branch isn't worth that high of a pick, and also DT's turn into busts too often. If Adrian Peterson was still there at 8, we could take him and be set with a 2 back set with him and Jerious Norwood.
          Or, we could trade the pick to someone in need of a running back (Texans or Bills maybe). We could still pick up Branch or Okoye, or even better - Patrick Willis. LB may not be our biggest need, but he is the rare prospect that had great production in college and has the measurables (4.37 forty) you look for



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