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    Not really. It just increases the likely hood of acquiring Peterson, or Landry. Before, Houston could've taken either, Miami may have looked at Landry. Also, it takes Buffalo, and Green Bay, out of the picture for a possible trade-up to jump Atlanta.
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      Adam Schefter reports that Atlanta may have done this to jump Miami, for Levi Brown or Laron Landry. Perhaps Brown is our "Mr. Six."
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        I had Anderson to yall in my last mock and I still think it would work here.


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          For me my priority at 8 goes
          #1 Adrian Peterson
          #2 trade down to around pick #14 and gather more picks (even more than before from the increased value of #8 and get Nelson or Levi Brown
          #3Jamaal Anderson
          #4 Laron Landry, his hips are still too rigid and has too many problems with the deep ball to be our FS, if we are after a successor fo Lawyer then maybe... thats just my opinion
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            If Landry was good enough to start on Nick Saban's championship defense, at FS, then he's fine by me.


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              my big board

              1) gaines adams
              2) laron landry
              3) adrian peterson
              4) jamaal anderson
              5) amobi okoye
              6) levi brown


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                with your trade for the #8 obviously shows that the falcons are either looking for the great power run game of Adrian Peterson or possibly looking at an offensive tackle like Levi Brown. Again with Kerney gone Gaines Adams or Aanderson could possibly fall into your laps, but right now many options have beeen at the #8 pick for a while and right now the Falcons have a lot of options


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                  Originally posted by Shiver View Post
                  I'm still think that Minnesota will take Landry.
                  Minnesota won't take LAndry because Quinn wwill probably still be available at the #7 and if he is their taking him in a blink of an eye. But possibly if Quinn goes to the lions which is definitely possible the Vikings could possibly go with Landry or someone maybe like Leon Hall since Fred Smoot is gone. But a great Sharper and Landry safety duo would be great for the Vikings


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                    So heres just a few questions I am throwing out there...

                    Will we trade up for CJ? We could trade our first day for pick 3 to get him. Though I wouldnt particularly like getting rid of so many picks, has there been anything said about NOT trading up?

                    Do we trade up for other guys like Joe Thomas or Gaines Adams? Joe Thomas is an elite prospect in a position we REALLY need help on...He would be perfect and could easily make an impact at the next level immediatly.

                    How about trading down? I still think if we dont like any of the guys at 8 (if Mr. Six is some guy we happen to get stuck with and I dont like him) I still think we should trade down and draft Chris Houston. Helps us aquire more picks to address LT, LG, RB, DE, FS.

                    Say you got this situation. LaRon Landry and Adrian Peterson are on the board. Who do you take?

                    Those are all the questions for tonight folks. Here are my answers:

                    1. No. Too many picks lost and we have other needs. I would NOT be furious however if we went through with the trade. Calvin Johnson seems like he just CANT bust and is a sure fire Pro Bowl WR.

                    2. I kind of like this idea. We might be able to trade up for Joe Thomas or Gaines Adams to help us out immediatly. I am not a HUGE fan of Gaines Adams, but he is clearly the best DE in this deep class and would help out on the other side of JA. Joe Thomas would help with the transformation of this line. With him, we would have the whole like set except for LG (I like McClure, Forney, and Weiner). Depth would also be decent.

                    3. Trading down to pick up a guy you are high on is always a good idea in my opinion. We could trade down to like the 14-20ish range and pick up an extra 2nd round pick. With that we could draft Nelson or Houston, and then pick up Staley, Grubbs, Blaylock, Brian Leonard, or other guys like that. And thats just the first round.

                    4. I am having a really hard time deciding between AD and Landry (I know the chances of both of them being there is miniscule). AD is one of the best pure RBs to come out in a long time...Laron Landry is one of the best prospects at S for a while (save Sean). If both were on the board, I would have to go with Laron Landry. If he is used correctly (to his strengths) he would be a great fit...and you wouldnt have to worry about his career turning out like Ki-Jana Carter.

                    Btw, how do you get rep points?

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                      How likely is it that Atlanta will use some of their newly acquired ammunition to move up to #2 for CJ?

                      And what would ATL offer by way of picks to DET if they did?
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                        1. We are going to have near 11 picks!!! We have the tools to trade up for Calvin with that many, not to mention we could give them one of next year's picks or what not. How bout our #8, our 2nd round pick and next year's 2nd round pick for the 2nd or 3rd pick in April. It makes perfect since to me. O wow we lose a pick in this years draft, we get freaking CALVIN JOHNSON. How about this mini-mock

                        1. Calvin Johnson
                        2. Brandon Merriweather
                        3. Tim Crowder
                        4. Manuel Ramirez
                        4. Ryan Harris
                        4. Kenny Scott
                        5. Kolby Smith
                        6. Dan Mozes
                        7. Troy Smith
                        7. Matt Spaeth
                        Originally posted by BamaFalcon59
                        Open minded is eggs and hot sauce (trading down for Leodis McKelvin, something like that). Stupid is ketchup mixed with milk (that would be drafting Chris Long at three).


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                          Originally posted by Xiomera View Post
                          How likely is it that Atlanta will use some of their newly acquired ammunition to move up to #2 for CJ?

                          And what would ATL offer by way of picks to DET if they did?
                          I hope not. WR is 6th/7th on the "need" list. Not enough to justify, giving up three top-45 picks for one. Regardless of how good he is.

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                            i think mckay should chill until the draft. hes done plenty. im happy with the postion we're now. only improvement i can see is if we sign muitalo or mare.


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                              He can chill for a while, that's for sure, he did a great job.


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                                Originally posted by DraftMichaelHuff View Post
                                #4 Laron Landry, his hips are still too rigid and has too many problems with the deep ball to be our FS, if we are after a successor fo Lawyer then maybe... thats just my opinion
                                I'm glad that somebody else thinks this. We keep talking about help w/ deep coverage but Landry has 12 career picks after starting for 4 years. Although he has several PBU, and other statistics that prevent actual receptions from the offense, Nelson is a true ballhawk and game-changer. A trade down to 13/14 would be great for Nelson who is a better FS prospect. IMO Laron plays a better SS and we also still have the option of moving Jimmy to FS. I'd love a franchise MLB like Willis w/ a trade down (I know I'm gonna catch crap for saying that ) or otherwise Reggie Nelson. The top 3 DE's are getting a lot of noteriaty but there's some projects available on Day 2. Agreeing with Scott Wright, I'd love to see Baratka Atkins living up to his blue chip status and be in a Falcons uni.

                                Do you guys really like Levi Brown? I don't know about ya'll, but I think the program a prospect comes from means a lot. Strength, speed, and skill conditioning programs differ from schools, and PSU's has never impressed me. Take away Larry Johnson and how many busts have Penn St produced? Of their current NFL players, how many of them were ever OL? (I'll give you a hint....TWO: Kareem McKenzie and Marco Rivera and both play on teams with "Shaky" O-lines)



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