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    Originally posted by profootballtalk

    The Atlanta Falcons wanted to go bigger on the offensive line in 2007. In one fell swoop, they have.

    Adam Caplan of reports that the Falcons have agreed to terms with "Two-Ton" Toniu Fonoti. The contract has a duration of one year.

    The Chewin' Samooan has bounced around the league (literally) since 2002, playing with the Chargers, Vikings, and Dolphins, and spending a short amount of time with the Raiders and the Bucs.

    Fonoti is listed at 350 pounds.

    Want BIG? This guy is MASSIVE.

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    Next Up...

    They still need to sign Mulitalo. The only thing better than having one bigass Samoan on the O-line is having two of them.


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      If he plays like he did in '04, then great signing. The problem is he literally ate himself out of starting in the league the past two years. Since it's a one year deal, that's a good risk/reward ratio in my estimation. He is still only 25-years old.
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        Its good to sign someone like him early that way you have all off season to get him where you want him.

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          Originally posted by bigfanga View Post
          They still need to sign Mulitalo. The only thing better than having one bigass Samoan on the O-line is having two of them.

          i certainly didnt expect this signing. this is great. i guess clabo will start right and two ton on the left. this is great. our offense shouldnt have many excuses anymore.


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            Kynan Forney will be the starter at RG, he's the best O-Lineman on the team. He slimmed down for Gibbs' scheme and he still was 6'3" 307-lbs. He is most benefited from the scheme change.


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              Don't expect anything good.

              That is correct comahan
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                Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
                Don't expect anything good.
                The downside is he is out of shape, provides depth at most, is out next year. The upside is he plays like he did in '04 and starts at LG. Either way, I like the signing. I'm taking a wait and see approach. If he is in shape is key.
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                  anyone know the contracts details? hope we didnt pay too much..

                  is there anyone on the roster that you think can convert to a left guard? i want gandy gone so badly.


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                    He prolly signed for vet minimum if he's had that much trouble. He's not a big name guy, I never even heard him being talked about in ATL until today lol. I'm not happy, but I am happy we have competition on the OL now.


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                      This guy doesnt really impress me. But I suppose there is a lowrisk/high reward type of deal here. Hoepfully we can fit in the signings of Mulitalo and Mare. That would make me a very happy man.


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                        the guy must of been just older than Okoye when he was drafted. 350lbs thats huge and a great signing for someone so young. It we can sign Mulittalio as the OG starter id be over the moon, the O line would be instantly huge and Fonoti is only 1-2 years older than some of the rookies in the draft but with 5 years NFL experience. I could really then see a draft day situation that we could get exited about with the need at OG somewhat reduced

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                          He's listed at 350-lbs. He has been in the 380-400 range. Big difference there.


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                            So basically we just hired the moon to play guard for the falcons?
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                              NFL Network mentioned Leander Jordan as someone the team is working out. He would be good depth at T and G. He started at LT for the Chargers in '05.



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