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Schaub back on the market? -Len Pasquarelli

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  • Schaub back on the market? -Len Pasquarelli

    Schaub back on the market? The Atlanta Falcons haven't begun to seriously listen to offers for restricted free agent quarterback Matt Schaub, the three-year veteran said to be coveted by several teams, and maybe they never will. But here's a hint that the Atlanta brass is at least thinking about the possibility of moving Schaub in a trade: Team officials in recent days began informally kicking around names of available backup quarterbacks, potential candidates to supplant Schaub as the No. 2 guy behind Michael Vick. If the Falcons do decide to trade Schaub -- the alternative is to keep him for 2007, then watch him depart as an unrestricted free agent after the season, while getting nothing in return for him -- they will not lack for interested suitors. But what's a fair price for Schaub, who has started in only two games and didn't win either one of them, and who carries a compensation level of first- and third-round draft choices according to the level at which the Falcons tendered him his $2.3 million qualifying offer? It has been suggested that Atlanta has to get at least a first-rounder out of any Schaub trade. But even that is a pretty steep price for a guy whose skills are still unknown, whose reputation has benefited immensely from not having to play very much, and who is still all about potential. So the whispers in recent days are that the Falcons might consider a pair of second-round picks, one this year and the other in the 2008 draft, as compensation.

    It's also said that, while Bobby Petrino has been pleasantly surprised at the acumen of Vick in starting to assimilate the new offense being installed, he really doesn't want to part with Schaub at this point. Vick has reportedly proven better than anticipated at the dry-erase board, in drawing up plays. But Petrino likens Schaub to Brian Brohm, his quarterback at Louisville, and a guy the coach feels will be a star at the NFL level. Stay tuned on this one.

    So this kind of contradicts our other thread. I bolded the stuff I liked. This Schaub deal and Jimmy Williams' position are killin me.
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    "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan

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    Perhaps Vick's taking to the play-book has changed Petrino's mind, from his thoughts after he first got the job. Which is when he, according to Schein, said that Schaub will be retained. Though I agree with Pasquarelli, "stayed tuned." April 30th will be very telling, more than any writer or any coach speak could possibly be. If Schaub is or isn't traded, that will tell us a lot about how the organization and coaching staff really feel about Michael Vick. It will be interesting, to say the least. This is a colossal, franchise altering, decision. It certainly seems as if the organization isn't making any decision lightly.
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      Perhaps these conflicting reports, on the same day, are a little too convenient? Maybe this is all a mis-information campaign; 'Schaub won't be traded' - Fox Sports, 'the Falcons are thinking seriously about trading Schaub' - ESPN


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        I dunno, I just want something for him, not to let him walk for nothing.


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          I think the team is simply trying to dispel any sense of desperation on their part in getting rid of Schaub just to keep his value up. At least that's what I hope they're doing



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