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    One I made. Never made a 3 round mock so it is a little shakey. Leonard fell a good bit and a couple players went a bit off draft position.

    Couple things-

    -I got Jimmy at FS, and that is further explained in the 'Reason' for picking Josh Wilson.

    -Since we are running a more traditional scheme, don't be suprised for Ojinnaka to take over at guard instead of him being at tackle. I don't think Clabo played bad either.

    -Really didn't mean to put OL off, the values just weren't there.

    -Tell me if I left someone off the mock, or if I gave a guy to a team who signed someone at the position. I worry about that.

    -Please read my 'reasons' before commenting so I don't have to explain.

    -Comments appretiated.

    NFL Draft 3 Round Mock

    Round 1
    1.Oakland: JaMarcus Russell, QB LSU
    2.Detroit: Gaines Adams, DE Clemson
    3.Cleveland: Brady Quinn, QB Notre Dame
    4.Tampa Bay: Calvin Johnson, WR Georgia Tech.
    5.Arizona: Joe Thomas, OT Wisconsin
    6.Washington: Alan Branch, DT Michigan
    7.Minnesota: LaRon Landry, DB LSU
    8.Houston: Adrian Peterson, RB Oklahoma
    9.Miami: Leon Hall, CB Michigan
    10. Atlanta: Jamaal Anderson, DE Arkansas
    11. San Francisco: Adam Carriker, DE/ DT Nebraska
    12. Buffalo: Marshawn Lynch, RB California
    13. Saint Louis: Amobi Okoye, DT Louisville
    14. Carolina: Greg Olsen, TE Miami
    15. Pittsburgh: Anthony Spencer, DE/ OLB Purdue
    16. Green Bay: Tedd Ginn, JR, WR Ohio State
    17. Jacksonville: Reggie Nelson, FS Florida
    18. Cincinnati: Chris Houston, CB Arkansas
    19. Tennessee: Robert Meachem, WR Tennessee
    20. New York Giants: Levi Brown, OT Penn. State
    21. Denver: Charles Johnson, DE Georgia
    22. Dallas: Dwayne Bowe, WR LSU
    23. Kansas City: Joe Staley, OT Central Michigan
    24. New England: Michael Griffin, DB Texas
    25. New York Jets: Jarvis Moss, DE/ OLB Florida
    26. Philadelphia: Patrick Willis, LB Ole Miss
    27. New Orleans: Aaron Ross, CB Texas
    28. New England: Paul Posluszny, LB Penn. State
    29. Baltimore: Ben Grubbs, OG Auburn
    30. San Diego: Brandon Meriweather, DB Miami
    31. Chicago: Dwayne Jarrett, WR USC
    32. Inianapolis: Jon Beason, LB Miami

    Round 2
    33. Oakland: Justin Blaylock, OG Texas
    34. Detroit: Deymeion Hughes, CB California
    35. Tampa Bay: Justin Harrell, DT Tennessee
    36. Cleveland: DeMarcus Tyler, NT NC State
    37. Chicago: Lawrence Timmons, OLB Florida State
    38. Arizona: Darrelle Revis, CB Pittsburgh
    39. Houston: Tony Ugoh, OT Arkansas
    40. Miami: Arron Sears, OL Tennessee
    41. Minnesota: Sidney Rice, WR South Carolina
    42. San Francisco: Jason Hill, WR Washington State
    43. Buffalo: Zach Miller, TE Arizona State
    44. Atlanta: Josh Wilson, CB Maryland
    45. Carolina: Tim Crowder, DE Texas
    46. Pittsburgh: Tanard Jackson, DB Syracuse
    47. Green Bay: Eric Weddle, DB Utah
    48. Jacksonville: Victor Abiamiri, DE Notre Dame
    49. Cincinnati: Quinn Pitcock, DT Ohio State
    50. Tennessee: Marcus McCauley, CB Fresno State
    51. New York Giants: Stewart Bradley, LB Nebraska
    52. Saint Louis: Quentin Moses, DE Georgia
    53. Dallas: Josh Beekman, OG Boston College
    54. Kansas City: Anthony Gonzalez, WR Ohio State
    55. Seattle: John Wendling, DB Wyoming
    56. Denver: Aaron Rouse, SS Virginia Tech.
    57. Philadelphia: Ray McDonald, DL Florida
    58. New Orleans: Craig Davis, WR LSU
    59. New York Jets: Brian Robison, DE/ OLB Texas
    60. Miami: Ryan Kalil, C USC
    61. Baltimore: Eric Wright, CB UNLV
    62. San Diego: David Harris, ILB Michigan
    63. New York Jets: Jonathan Wade, CB Tennessee
    64. Tampa Bay: LaMarr Woodley, DE Michigan

    Round 3
    65. Oakland: Ben Patrick, TE/H-Back Delaware
    66. Detroit: Buster Davis, MLB Florida State
    67. Cleveland: Baraka Atkins, DE/ DT Miami
    68. Tampa Bay: Marshal Yanda, OG Iowa
    69. Arizona: Tony Hunt, RB Penn. State
    70. Denver: James Marten, OT Boston College
    71. Miami: Drew Stanton, QB Michigan State
    72. Minnesota: Quincy Black, LB New Mexico
    73. Houston: Kevin Kolb, QB Houston
    74. Buffalo: Brandon Siler, MLB Florida
    75. Atlanta: Michael Bush, RB Louisville
    76. San Francisco: HB Blades, LB Pittsburgh
    77. Pittsburgh: Earl Everett, LB Florida
    78. Green Bay: David Irons, CB Auburn
    79. Jacksonville: Troy Smith, QB Ohio State
    - Cincinnati- Forfeited in supplemental draft
    80. Tennessee: Dan Bazuin, DE Cental Michigan
    81. New York Giants: Travarous Bain, CB Hampton
    82. Saint Louis: Rufus Alexander, OLB Oklahoma
    83. Carolina: Sabby Piscitelli, SS Oregon State
    84. Kansas City: Marcus Thomas, DT Florida
    85. Seattle: Scott Chandler, TE Iowa
    86. Denver: Samson Satele, OL Hawaii
    87. Dallas: Mason Crosby, K Colorado
    88. New Orleans: Justin Durant, LB Hampton
    89. New York Jets: Manuel Ramirez, OG Texas Tech.
    90. Philadelphia: Trent Edwards, QB Stanford
    91. New England: Brian Leonard, FB Rutgers
    92. Buffalo: Doug Free, OT Northern Illinois
    93. San Diego: Ryan McBean, DE/ DT Oklahoma State
    94. Chicago: Doug Datish, OL Ohio State
    95. Indianapolis: Antonio Pittman, RB Ohio State

    Falcons Mock Draft
    Round 1: Jamaal Anderson, DE Arkansas...6'6/ 288/ 4.80
    Reason: An amazing talent, I was surprised I had Anderson falling to 10. But really, it isn't unlikely at all if you look at the top 10, and add in that Adam Carriker has surpassed him on many peoples boards. An amazing athlete who was originally recruited to Arkansas as a WR, Anderson has just about everything you look for in a defensive end. He is extremely raw, and is likely a boom or bust pick. The tools however, are too enticing. His strength needs to be worked on in the weight room, but his height, bulk, and athleticism are all exceptional. Good value.

    Round 2: Josh Wilson, CB/ RS Maryland...5'9/ 188/ 4.38
    Reason: This pick is sure to disappoint some people, but I would be fine with it. It is clear we have pressing needs at either corner or safety, depending on Jimmy Williams, and we can not 'hope' a good prospect is available in round 3. With the signing of Lewis Sanders and comments by Internet sites and DeAngelo Hall, I think there is a strong possibility we move Jimmy Williams to safety. Wilson is an amazing athlete, one who can run down the field with anyone, and plays extremely physical for his size. Outside of height, Wilson has everything I look for in a CB. He has the speed, the hips, the aggressive mentality, the bulk, and the intelligence. People who say he will fall just due to his size are mistaken- CB Tye Hill (Round 1, pick 13) and CB Tim Jennings (Round 2, pick 62) are just 2 recent examples of undersized cornerbacks going high in the draft, and I can bring up past ones if necessary. Hill is in the mid 5'9 range and is 185 pounds; Jennings is 5'8 and 186 pounds. To boot, Wilson is also a excellent return man and had an exceptional senior season.

    Round 3: Michael Bush, RB Louisville...6'1/ 243/ ???
    Reason: Not a huge fan of this pick, but I am a huge believer that we need a runningback and the pickings were slim at this pick. Bush, if he returns to good health, could be an amazing runningback. He has speed, power, size, hands; pretty much everything. But someone who still can't run at this point scares me off a bit. Petrino, no doubt, likes the kid and will obviously have a say in who we draft. All in all, this is a risky pick that could turn out amazing or, if things go the wrong way, completely flop.

    Round 4: Josh Gattis, S Wake Forest...6'1/ 206/ 4.55
    Reason: I view the backup SS a bit differently than others. I don't think Crocker is the future. I think he is gone after this year. He is fine depth at both S positions but is nothing but short term. Meanwhile, Gattis is a safety with a ton of potential who could be the future at SS. He is a solid all around player who has the speed and size to make you wonder how good he could be. Also, he is an excellent special teams player. He lead the ACC in ST tackles in 2005 with 15.

    Round 4: Martrez Milner, TE/ H-Back Georgia...6'4/ 252/ 4.79
    Reason: Milner might get some hate, due to lots of Georgia University fans on here, but he could be pretty good in a scheme like ours. He has/had some problems with concentration on catching the ball, but his size and athleticism is intriguing for a TE/ H-Back role. He has the ideal bulk for the position, and when lined up wide or at TE can attack the seam. He has a lot of potential, and could be a situational H-Back for us if he can just improve his concentration on catching balls.

    Round 4 (compensation): Gabe Hall, OT Texas Tech...6'4/ 313/ 4.91
    Reason: Hall has it all when you just look at the numbers. He runs a sub-4.5 40-yard-dash, and he does it at 6'4 and 313 pounds. His weight is about ideal for a lineman IMO, between 310-320, because it isn't smallish for a lineman but not overweight either. He has a lot of repetitions in pass protection due to the scheme he ran in college, and could potentially play either G or C in the pros. I have him at tackle while Ojinnaka moves to guard.

    Round 5: Dustin Fry, OL Clemson...6'3/ 314/ 5.19
    Reason: A versatile player who can play center or guard, Fry would be a good pick here. He has outstanding strength and is a mauler, his size is great as well. He has a great push in the run game and has a lot of tools in an offensive lineman, but he is raw and his body could be maxed out. I would be very happy picking him up here.

    Round 6: Chandler Williams, WR Florida International...5'11/ 184/ 4.42
    Reason: While we improved our WR core with Joe Horn, another addition wouldn't hurt. I believe we keep at least 5 WRs on the active roster, and I want each of those WRs to fight for the spot. Adam Jennings is a good all around special teamer, but he hasn't proven himself as a WR and he needs to be able to play the position for when we line up with 5 wide recievers. Williams is a similar guy, a quick player with good speed who can be a return man. He might not have the grit Jennings has, but he has more experience catching the ball, with over 60 receptions in 2005 and 2006, and 203 for his 4 year career. Worth a look.

    Round 7 (compensation): Andrew Wellock, K Eastern Michigan
    Reason: This could also be an UDFA, but I didn't want to do all that. He has a very nice leg and his accuracy isn't shabby either. I wouldn't be opposed to a 6th or even 5th round kicker if Medlock's character issues are squared away, but Wellock wouldn't disappoint me either. One thing is for sure though- we need a guy who can kick 50 yards. No more punting while on our 35. No more having our punter being the long field goal kicker.
    Virginia Tech.
    ACC Champions 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010

    Next Up: 2012

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    I would like to have Frye from Virginia Tech at some point for an OT, I think he's really underrated. As far as the other guys, I really like Wilson and I think he'd be a good pick, however with Ugoh on the board he would be hard to pass on as well as Eric Weddle. I would prolly take either one of those over Wilson, but I do really like Wilson as well. I would rather take Weddle in round 2 and then take Courtney Brown in round 4 in Gattis' spot.


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      Originally posted by iloxygenil View Post
      I would like to have Frye from Virginia Tech at some point for an OT, I think he's really underrated. As far as the other guys, I really like Wilson and I think he'd be a good pick, however with Ugoh on the board he would be hard to pass on as well as Eric Weddle. I would prolly take either one of those over Wilson, but I do really like Wilson as well. I would rather take Weddle in round 2 and then take Courtney Brown in round 4 in Gattis' spot.
      I would have taken Ugoh, but I had him to Houston.

      Weddle I like, but I don't think he gos quite that high. I always overestimate S values and probably still did (4 in round 1, a few more in round 2).
      Virginia Tech.
      ACC Champions 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010

      Next Up: 2012



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