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    First mock draft.
    Second mock draft.

    Jimmy Williams is our FS in this mock.

    1st Round Pick: Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska

    Straight from our shiny new defensive coordinator's mouth: we're going to stop the run. With the painfully obvious exception of Grady Jackson, our defensive line is not currently built to stop the run. Abraham is undersized and could not stay healthy this year, so I think we go with a sturdy beast at DE in Adam Carriker. He was overpowering to everyone during the Senior Bowl practices and then he tore up the combine and followed it up with an even more impressive Pro Day. With Carriker, think the versatility of Travis Hall with the motor of Patrick Kerney, but more strength, speed, and agility.

    Combine numbers: 6'6" 296 lbs. 4.9 40 yard dash, 33 bench press reps, 33 1/2" vertical jump, 9'2" broad jump, 4.18 shuttle, 7.06 3-cone.

    Pro Day: Improved on his 40 time, running a 4.72.

    Alternate pick: LaRon Landry

    Hopeful pick: Joe Thomas

    2nd Round Pick: Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno St.

    With Jimmy Williams in his more natural position, in my opinion, we need someone to supplant Jason Webster as the starter on the right side. McCauley showed very impressive skills at the combine and will fit right in with the scheme Zimmer plans to run. With Williams covering over top, DeAngelo and McCauley will be a very impressive cornerback tandem for the Falcons. Add in the fact that we will hopefully have John Abraham back and in full healthy and our passing defense could be near the top of the league. Williams, McCauley, and even DeAngelo to some extent, all need more experience, but as they grow, our secondary will become the dominating unit the Falcons need.

    Combine numbers: 6'1" 203 lbs. 4.39 40 yard dash, 17 bench press reps, 36" vertical jump, 10'9" broad jump, 4.17 shuttle, 6.61 3-cone.

    Pro Day numbers: Bettered his vertical to 36 1/2" and lowered his broad jump to 10'8".

    Alternate pick: David Harris

    Hopeful pick: Chris Houston

    2nd Round Pick: Justin Blalock, OG/OT, Texas

    Although Blalock might not be around at this point, my general feeling is that if he's not, Grubbs will be. Either way, we get an amazing OG to come in and start at LG from day one and lock that position down for the next 10 years. Blalock is powerful and literally has the ideal size for an offensive lineman in Petrino's scheme. Vick finally gets the protection almost every fan has been calling for, and no matter who the runner is, they will benefit from running behind Ovie and Blalock. This rounds out our first three picks with the three biggest needs of the team.

    Combine numbers: 6'3" 320 lbs. 5.10 40 yard dash, 40 bench press reps, 28 1/2" vertical jump, 8'5" broad jump, 4.72 shuttle, 7.75 3-cone.

    No notable Pro Day numbers.

    Alternate pick: Ben Grubbs

    Hopeful pick: Justin Blalock. We need him to fall to us.

    3rd Round Pick: Steve Smith, WR, USC

    There is not a single Falcon fan that does not want more production from our WRs. With the drafting of Smith, it likely means that Finneran will either have a significantly reduced role or could even be potentially cut. Steve Smith has a few benefits that neither Roddy nor Jenkins had when entering the league: a proven, veteran WR to learn from immediately, and two very talented offensive coaches in Bobby Petrino and Hue Jackson. Smith was overshadowed by Dwayne Jarrett while at USC, but he is a good receiver in his own right. He will battle for the 4th and possibly even the 3rd WR spot on the team, but will have the benefit of learning before being thrown into the fire. He doesn't have the amazing speed of a Tedd Ginn, but his speed is more than adequate and will give us another threat.

    Combine numbers: 6'0" 197 lbs. 4.44 40 yard dash, 38" vertical jump, 10' broad jump, 4.19 shuttle, 6.68 3-cone.

    Pro Day will be on 3/28/07.

    Alternate pick: Jacoby Jones

    Hopeful pick: Sidney Rice

    4th Round Pick: Michael Bush, RB, Louisville

    Here it is. The pick that almost all feel will eventually happen, but no one knows in what round. I do not believe McKay will allow Petrino to draft Bush on the 1st day and with good reason: he's sitting here at our first pick in the 4th. Everyone knows his medical problems, so I won't go into that, but the one problem that some have is that he draws too many comparisons to former Falcon running back T.J. Duckett. Hopefully Bush will be ready to go by midseason, but if not, putting him on IR and letting him get his body completely healthy while learning a little bit about the pro game from the sidelines to give him an increased role in 08 will be just fine. I do feel that Bush will be a Falcon, but like everyone else, I do not know the exact round and this is my best guess.

    Alternate pick: Chris Henry

    Hopeful pick: Tony Hunt

    4th Round Pick: Brandon Frye, OT, Virginia Tech

    You didn't think the Falcons would have a draft without picking a prospect from Va Tech, did you? That is not the reason I have Frye at this pick, but it is an odd coincidence. If Omiyale doesn't perform better than he has in this upcoming training camp, I feel that he could be released due to unrealized potential. If that is the case, we need depth at OT. I made this pick with depth in mind only, not a starter. As I pointed out in my other thread, next year is the year for OT in the first round. Drafting Long or Baker in next year's draft will give us a very formidable offensive line with Frye as depth. Frye doesn't necessarily have the big body Petrino likes, but at 6'4", he has room to add weight.

    Combine numbers: 6'4" 301 lbs. 5.08 40 yard dash, 34 bench press reps, 32 1/2" vertical jump, 8'7" broad jump, 4.4 shuttle, 7.5 3-cone.

    No notable Pro Day numbers.

    Alternate pick: Antonio Johnson

    Hopeful pick: Doug Free

    4th Round Pick: Quincy Black, OLB, New Mexico

    Obviously a workout warrior, but he had the production as well, although it was at a smaller school. Some how, some way, Rich McKay knows how to find linebackers late in the draft that seem to fall further than they should've. First Demorrio, then Boley, and now Black. Black won't have much of an impact on defense, but he will help out immensely on special teams and will be extremely solid depth once Brooking decides to hang it up. I'm still hoping Beck takes over the MLB spot during training camp, because he is one hell of an athlete. Then if Brooking decides to go in a year or two, either Demorrio can take over if he is still with us, or Black can step in after learning for a few years.

    Alternate pick: Anthony Waters

    Hopeful pick: Earl Everett

    Combine numbers: 6'1" 240 lbs. 4.42 40 yard dash, 24 bench press reps, 41 1/2" vertical jump, 10'4" broad jump, 4.34 shuttle, 6.86 3-cone.

    5th Round Pick: Josh Gattis, S, Wake Forest

    Even with Jimmy moving to FS, we need someone to back him up. Crocker automatically becomes the primary backup at SS, but we have no depth at FS. Gattis played for the defense that won the ACC Championship and was a big part of it. Safety has been a problem for the Falcons for a while now, so stockpiling talent at the position would be a wise move because one of them are bound to be a serviceable starter. Gattis doesn't have all the physical features you look for, but he has enough that makes this a very valuable pick in the 5th.

    Alternate pick: C.J. Gaddis

    Hopeful pick: John Wendling

    6th Round Pick: Jared Zabransky

    I am not comfortable with Shockely or Redman coming in and starting a game if Vick gets hurt, so bringing in Zabransky to find out who the better two of the three are would be a smart decision. Zabransky improved his game significantly as a senior and took part in one of the most exciting games in recent football history. Zabransky has limited tangibles like arm strength and accuracy, but he makes up for it with being a leader on the field. He will be nothing more than depth and might not even make it as the primary backup in the NFL.

    Alternate pick: Chris Leak

    Hopeful pick: John Beck

    7th Round Pick: Jon Abbate, LB, Wake Forest

    He's short, slow, and did not have one impressive number from the combine. However, he is most definitely worth our 7th round compensation pick because his intangibles are through the roof. He is playing for more than himself out on the field, because his brother departed from this world sooner than anyone should. He has been playing under scrutiny and overcoming odds all his life, so making it in the NFL as a 7th round draft pick is nothing out of the ordinary for Jon Abbate. He would at the very least round out our special teams, giving us even better coverage than we have had in years past.

    Alternate pick: Danny Ware

    Hopeful pick: BPA at this point.

    Edit: Didn't realize this was my 100th post, but it's completely fitting.

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    Decent Mock draft


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      Its an ok mock in my opinion.. I think that Carriker is a reach with the #8 pick.

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        i dont like the carriker and mccauley picks.


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          By the way, if you check out the Abbate pick in my second mock, you can see that I called Hartwell being the first one cut after watching film.



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