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DMH's 1st ATL Mock(s) Of The Year!

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  • DMH's 1st ATL Mock(s) Of The Year!

    Here we go, I've made two, the first features two trades and my absolute ideal picks, the 2nd is keeping things as they are

    *-->Mock 1 aka Dream Scenario<--*

    These trades arent over/under valued I've checked them all and they all are fair

    Trade 1) Atlanta trades #8 (1400 points) to the Patriots for #24 and #28 (1400 points)(net value diff. = 0)

    Trade 2) Atlanta trades #28 and #138 (5th) (697 points) to the Bills for #43 and #74 (690points ) (net value diff. +7 for Buffalo)

    (1st)#24,(2nd)#39,#43,#44,(3rd)#74,#75,(4th)#109, Den,#133,(6th)#197,(7th)# 244 =11 its not madden so its ok

    (1st)#24 Joe Staley OT, Central Michigan
    Instant Starter at LT we get him right were his value lies after a trade that benifits both parties. Staley is strong and getting bigger, amazingly quick, is also smart and has what it takes to protect Vick for the next 10 years.

    (2nd)#39 Charles Johnson DE, Georgia
    Big Bully would be an instant Starter at DE, the local boy, only 20 years old, keeps the fans happy and fills a need. Plays the run well and has a great motor, a perfect compliment to Abraham.

    (2nd)#43 Justin Blaylock OG, Texas
    The new left side of the line takes shape, we bring in the falling Blaylock. An extremly powerful man with the ability to dominate DE's and DT's in the pros', the idea of his power next to the feet of Staley would be phenominal.

    (2nd)#44 Brandan Merriweather FS/CB, Miami
    Instant starter at either free safety or cornerback after the coaching staff gets a good look at both he and Jimmy Williams. I think he will be a FS for us, he excells way back in the deep and a great tackler.

    (3rd)#74 Aaron Rouse SS , Virginia Tech
    Atlanta's secondary for the next 10 years is complete with the addition of Rouse, should he be gone by here? Yes. Is there is chance he slips like Bing? Yes. Reminds me of Adrian Wilson, big, angry and intimidating. Sits for a year watches Lawyer captain the secondary, and then takes over in 08. Also emergency depth at LB

    (3rd)#75 Mason Crosby K, Colorado
    WOW a kicker, another guy who could easily still be here, Scott has him going late 2nd but he hasnt been as impressive in workouts as hoped so he might be here, puts an ending to the perenial kicking woes, day 1 starter

    (4th)#109 Kolby Smith HB, Louisville
    Petrino gets his wish, he gets a Loiusville guy! We get our wish, he has 2...count em, 2 working legs; and runs with the same, if not more power than Bush. All jokes aside i really believe we will draft this guy here, in any scenario

    (4th) fr. Den, Kyle Young OG, Fresno State
    354lb Centre with the ability to play Gaurd, if thats not perfect depth for a Power System i dont know what is. Best case scenario, he beats out McClure at camp and starts making our O line HUGE, this however, is unlikley.

    (4th)#133 Anthony Arline CB, Baylor
    Perfect guy to grab here, has a massive upside and perfect triangle numbers 6"0, 199lbs, 4.39, day 1 player at dime back after beating out Webster and/or him being cut. Could possibly contribute as a return man too.

    (6th)#197 Legedu Nanee WR, Boise State
    A homeless mans Calvin Johnson, pefect Marques Coltson type player, great size, good speed, good hands and a good attitude, could be special. Hopefully can convince Blank to turn the Georgia Dome turf blue!

    (7th)# 244 Nate Harris MLB, Louisville
    Bobby gets another Louisville guy, he could surprise and be good depth at MLB, unlikley though, but at least Bobby saves him from having a UDFA tag.

    *-->Mock 2 aka Reality Check<--*

    (1st)#8 Levi Brown LT, Penn. State
    All the comparisons to Jamaal Brown has finally done it and I've come to terms with the fact that he will be the pick at #8. When you think about it, Houston and the Dolphins were not going to take another DE so we didn't move up to get Anderson, the Dolphins took a S last year and the Texans have way greater holes to fill than safety. Both these teams need a LT. So if he is the pick and turns out like Jamaal Brown i will be very happy, i just hope he can meet the expectations. He is very quick and powerful and fits the system perfectly.

    (2nd)#39 Charles Johnson DE, Georgia

    (2nd)#44 Brandan Merriweather FS/CB, Miami

    (3rd)#75 Manuel Remirez OG, Texas Tech
    Great fit for the us here, this guy is an out and out moster! He did 40 reps at the combine and is the old school road grader the Petrino covets, he is also a great pass protector. I dont think he will be gone by this pick, gaurds of this type tend to fall, i think he would start on day one for us.

    (4th)#109 Kolby Smith HB, Louisville

    (4th) fr. Den, Kyle Young OG, Fresno State

    (4th)#133 Anthony Arline CB, Baylor

    (5th)#165 Darren Stone SS, Maine
    Well of course this pick was traded before, this guy, like Rouse, great size, has an upside but it is not as big, Lawyer could teach him the ropes... You never know he might surprise. Wow he is Jamacan!

    (6th)#197 Legedu Nanee WR, Boise State

    (7th)# 244 Nate Harris MLB, Louisville
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    Not bad, I wouldn't jump out of my skin for either of these, but both would make our team very good.


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      I loved the reality check, one. I wouldn't complain, at all.


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        Oh yeah, no complaints, just none of my 'pet' players =) Other than Arline, I like that guy. But, I still am MUCH more of a Courtney Brown fan.
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          I really really like that first draft, and I'm not too dissappointed with the 2nd draft tackled the needs... and a couple wants

          *********"Wax on, Wax off Danielson"**********


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            Godd Job.
            But all the trades sound like to much to get done.
            Dont get me wrong I would like it but i doubt we trade so much.
            I would rather get someone else in the 3rd than Aaron Rouse though


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              Rouse is a guy with massive potential, who needs a year to learn , We also have one of the better SS on our team from the last 10 years, who better to teach?
              Imagine what it would be like to see the falcons with a genuine young cocky enforcer like Adrian Wilson or Sean Taylor, they are the type of players i see Rouse growing into. He is also a V tech boy

              Williams Merriweather Rouse Hall

              now thats swagger
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