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    Falcons Mock

    1. Amobi Okoye (1) Louisville
    a. This guyís pro day numbers are ridiculous. 4.88 for a 300 lb guy? That is really good. With Grady suing us and all, we will need a NT, and this guy will be a great option. Has great potential, due to his age, but I like him over Branch because of other reasons. He seems very mature for his age and seems like a guy that is willing to work hard, while Branch shows a somewhat lazy image. Another option here would be Levi Brown or Jamaal Anderson. I donít think Landry falls to us.

    2. Tony Ugoh (2) Arkansas
    a. Left tackle is a great need for us and has often been overlooked by our past coaches. Hopefully these coaches see the importance of a left tackle and draft one high. This guy is the best we can probably get at 39. He has played in the SEC for 4 years and I think he will be at least a solid LT for us. He might not be spectacular, but he wont be a Schaffer or Gandy for us, which is all I ask for. We could also draft an LG here or maybe DE.

    3. Brandon Meriweather (2) Miami (FL)
    a. Here is a pick that should make everyone happy. Used to be a first round safety, but has seen his stock drop into the 2nd round after the FIU incident. One of the best safeties in the draft, coverage wise. Has shown that he is versatile when he was put in as corner in some games, but has still recorded over 100 tackles as a safety (I think. Too lazy to check at the moment). Our team has had a meeting with him, so I think there is a definite chance that we draft him, regardless of the Falcon Filter. His stock is slowly rising, so we would be lucky to find him here.

    4. Manuel Ramirez (3) Texas Tech
    a. I really donít think Foniu is fit to start. I think he can provide excellent depth incase one of our guards go down *cough*Forney*cough*, but unless he gets his - in shape, I donít see him starting. This guy is another player who fits into Petrinoís scheme. It doesnít take skill to be a big fat guard, as Foniu has displayed, but I have read that he is a leader and hard worker that has some intangibles. As long as he works hard, I think he can be a great player and will work harder to be better in pass protection.

    5. Brian Robinson (4) Texas
    a. This might be a reach (I am not sure), but I think we need to add a good 3rd down pass rusher. From what I have read, this guy seems to be a good one in the later rounds. I am hoping for someone along the lines of Mark Anderson, even though it is a long shot. I think Davis can hold down the fort on first and second downs, seeing that he is a good run stopper, which would allow Robinson to come in on 3rd rounds or obvious passing situations.

    6. Marvin White (4) TCU
    a. Milloy isnít getting any younger, and we need depth at the safety position in general. I think he can develop into either a FS or a SS, which is nice for a guy who is providing us with depth. He might even overtake Crocker for the back up SS position. He could add a bit more bulk though. At worst, he will provide good depth and competition for Crocker.

    7. Kyle Young (4) Fresno State
    a. Once again, he fits Petrinoís scheme, and in his overhaul of the OL, I think he will definitely get a lot of OL in this draft. Some people have been questioning McClure, and so this adds a bit of competition for him, and also provides depth, because behind our starters (if you can even call Foniu and Gandy that), we donít have much depth.

    8. Michael Bush (5) Louisville
    a. His injury concern is a big one, and thatís why I see him making a massive drop. Teams are not going to take a risk with him. Seeing that Petrino has seen him play, I think we will take a chance at him, over other teams. Though he might not play his rookie season, I think he will do a solid job as a short yardage back, if he learns how to use his speed and power effectively. That is a big if. I think he tries to be too elusive, instead of just straight up plowing over the guy.

    9. Justin Medlock (6) UCLA
    a. I really want to go to this college. I am pretty sure I wonít get in. Oh well. Anderson isnít the long term answer and Koenen canít handle all the duties. We also have a **** load of picks, so I think we can afford drafting a kicker.

    10. Courtney Brown (7) Cal Poly
    a. One of my friends is going here. I should have applied, but whatever. I havenít really put much thought into this pick. I bet this guy is absolutely terrible in coverage and has no idea how to cover a guy, or where to look for the ball, etc etc. I mean why else would a guy with such amazing measurables be rated so low? I bet he wont even he here in the 7th cause the Raiders will grab him in the 1st or 2nd round. So with this pick I am hoping he can learn a bit from our coaches, and turn out to be a decent dime back or maybe even nickleback in the future cause Webster isnít going to stay here long. But hey, he will probably get his - cut anyway.

    There are some reaches and some steals in the draft I think. I think its a realistic draft. How is it?

    PS: I think someone should sticky a team mock draft thread, just to be more organized, otherwise there will be alotta team mock draft threads popping up as the draft nears by.

    "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan

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    It wouldn't hurt my feelings...I am not sold on Ugoh though. Or Merriweather for that matter...but I know those are just my opinions.


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      i like it. i'm really hoping we get ugoh. merriweather however i think will be gone by that pick. i'll be satisfied with weddle but do you think weddle would start if he was drafted by the falcons or do you think crocker will start again?


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        Well its really hard to start in a secondary as a first time starter. It could turn out into a disaster. If he performs well at TC and in preseason though, I see no reason as to why Weddle shouldnt start.

        The thing is, both Weddle and Meriweather could be gone before us. I think we need to trade up in the 2nd. Add our 39 pick, and another 4th round pick to jump ahead a coupla spots and get Charles Johnson or a safety.

        "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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          i doubt both are gone.


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            I think Merriweather may be gone. It seems that every team at the top of the draft has interest in him. There are even a few teams at the bottom of the first that may pull the trigger if the other safeties go a little earlier than expected.


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              Safetys traditionally slip, I mean we all are wrong on Safetys most of the time, so it wouldn't surprise me to see Griffin there when we pick, or possibly someone like Meriweather in round 3, or Weddle in round 3 /4 something always happens to cause Safetys to slip...



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