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    JaMarcus Russell



    Trade rumors are swirling, rumors of them selecting Calvin Johnson are swirling, but in the end Russell remains their man. Al Davis simply can't help but take a risk on a guy that could redefine the quarterback position. He could just as easily be the biggest flop since Ryan Leaf, but that won't worry Al Davis at this point.



    Calvin Johnson

    Wide Receiver


    This appears to be the most likely trade because the Falcons have the most to offer Detroit. With two second round picks, they can easily afford to pry the second pick from Matt Miller. Calvin Johnson would obviously be their target here, and it's scary to think how good this could make their offense. Michael Vick may finally get the reliable receiver he's always wanted.



    Adrian Peterson

    Running Back


    I don't anticipate the Browns to be involved in any draft day trades. Peterson and Jamal Lewis would give the Browns a formidable running attack that should open things up for Charlie Frye. With a reliable running game Frye may get the chance to emerge into the quarterback that was graded by some as a potential first rounder two years ago.



    Joe Thomas

    Offensive Tackle


    The Bucs would rather take Johnson here, but with him off the board the most logical pick is Thomas. Despite rumors that they may be interested in Quinn, I'm not buying it. They have too much invested in Chris Simms to spend such a high draft pick on another quarterback. The only other options are defensive linemen Gaines Adams and Jamaal Anderson.



    Gaines Adams

    Defensive End


    The Cardinals are another team feeling the effects of the Falcons/Lions trade. Their top choice is almost certainly Thomas, and they may even attempt to trade up one slot to take him away from Tampa. If they stay put however, they'll be targeting Adams, who would give them an enormous upgrade as a speed rusher on the end of their defensive line.



    LaRon Landry



    This trade is significantly less likely to happen, but with the Redskins supposedly interested in Lance Briggs it is a possibility. The Bears would certainly rather keep Briggs, but they wouldn't be too disappointed by having to settle for Landry. The former LSU safety would only make the Bears defense that much more terrifying as their starting free safety.



    Jamaal Anderson

    Defensive End


    Not much changes here for the Vikings. They may be interested in Landry, but they won't be disappoint of they have to select either Adams or Anderson. Their defensive line has been an issue for number of years and they're apparently going to keep spending top draft picks on linemen until one of the lives up to potential.



    Brady Quinn


    Notre Dame

    What a perfect scenario for Detroit! They can trade the second overall pick in the draft and still land Brady Quinn. It sounds crazy, but if the Browns pass on him it is very likely he falls to the 8th spot. Even if Quinn is gone, the Lions can happily take Alan Branch or Levi Brown and still have the option of taking a quarterback like Drew Stanton later on.



    Alan Branch

    Defensive Tackle


    The Dolphins are one of the more difficult teams to predict this year, but with LaRon Landry and Quinn off the board I believe they will target the defensive line. Branch is the best fit in Miami's defense and would be welcomed by their ends who need someone like Branch to free up space for them to work. Don't be shocked if they reach for a receiver however.



    Levi Brown

    Offensive Tackle

    Penn St.

    With the quarterback position settled the Texans are now targeting Brown. They'll have to hold their break when Miami is on the clock, but I think he slips past the Dolphins and falls to Houston. He'll likely start at left tackle as a rookie, but I believe his long term best fit is at guard. Regardless, he'll be an upgrade over whoever he replaces in Houston.

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    very well thought out and detailed but falcons at 2 is 0%.


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      sorry man, love the lions trade but the pick is a bad one and the options you gave are even worse.

      They wont take Quinn, it simply wont happen, he isnt even the highest rated QB on thier board, they want stanton (ill give you credit for that) but thats only if he's around at a reasonable spot in the 2nd round.
      Alan Branch makes absolutely no sense for the lions, they have 3 starting caliber DT's (Rogers, Cody, Redding) and Branch just bcuz he's listed as a DE in NCAA 07 doesnt mean he can actually play that position.
      Levi Brown at 8? thats lunacy, if they want a OT, which they dont want/need, there wouldnt be any trade rumors bcuz JThomas would be the pick. Anyways Brown doesnt deserve top 15 consideration, but will get it bcuz of the lack of depth at that position in this draft.

      Just change it to Patrick Willis and ALL is forgiven


      "Pride comes before the fall" - Mark Dantonio



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        The Falcons would have to trade our first rounder, two second rounders, and possibly even another pick to move up to get Calvin Johnson. That is too many solid players to pass up on and take a chance on one guy, even if he is considered a sure thing.


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          what is to much for Calvin Johnson

          I would do everthing I could do help my 100 million dollar QB. Payton M has R. Wayne and M. Harrision. Lets just see what can happen if he had #1 WR.

          1st RD 2 overall pick WR Calvin Johnson
          WE Trade our 8 pick and both 2 round picks + next year 5 round pick.
          Our next pick should
          3rd round pick FS Brandon Meriweather Miami (FL) 5-105/8 195 4.47
          He will drop because of charcter issues just like Jimmy Willams.

          We have 2 4 round pick
          RB M. Bush
          DE Tim Crowder Texas 6-35/8 272 4.69

          Most of our need we be covered.

          What is two much for calvin Johnson?


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            SO what if Oakland takes CJ then who will yall take. Thats my problem wiith trading up is that once you get there and the person you traded up for gets pick then what do you do?

            Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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              falcons are not trading up or CJ atleast I hope not


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                If we were to make the trade we could wait until the Lions are on the clock to see if the Raiders took CJ. If they hadn't we could make the trade, and we would finally get to see Michael Vick with a #1 wideout


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                  Yeah, see, I think it will be something that happens on draft day, you have to wait because who knows what Al Davis might do...


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                    I said it a while back with Schaub that it would be a draft day deal, but I like the way we have ourselves setup.


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                      yall with this CJ stuff. who's gonna play defense after you trade away all those picks? ever thought about that? and the dumb thing is the only reason most of these idiots want CJ is cuz he's from here and played at GT. if he was from anywhere else and played for another school I can guarantee that you wouldn't have all this calvin johnson mess. yall better get ready to be on suicde watch cuz trust me, we're not trading up for him


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                        All those picks? c'mon. far as GT goes...that is only a VERY small part of it, this is the GREATEST prospect of all time at the WR position. I want CJ real bad, and as far as defense goes, giving up ONE of 2 2nd round picks and ONE of 3 fourth round picks...and one of TWO second round picks next year. That isn't giving up much at all to get a guy like CJ imo...


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                          Originally posted by iloxygenil View Post
                          All those picks? c'mon. far as GT goes...that is only a VERY small part of it, this is the GREATEST prospect of all time at the WR position. I want CJ real bad, and as far as defense goes, giving up ONE of 2 2nd round picks and ONE of 3 fourth round picks...and one of TWO second round picks next year. That isn't giving up much at all to get a guy like CJ imo...

                          a 2nd and a 4th plus a second next year? now if a team was willing to take that offer you have there then I would definitely trade up and get him but no team is gonna take that. they're gonna want both seconds this year and a first next year. but if mckay can work your deal out then we gotta go him.


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                            The points actually work out where we're giving up 14 points more than what the #2 pick overall is worth...the Lions are stupid and would possibly do it for even less than that especially on draft day.


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                              I have heard that the Lions are looking to trade out of the #2 spot. We could probably get good value due to the fact that they are looking to pick up more picks. Anyways, we would still have the normal number of picks over the next 2 years. I would love to see Calvin Johnson on the Falcons. There would be no more excuses for Michael Vick- CJ and Joe Horn are solid recievers, they would be one of the top duos in the league.



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