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Linebackers - Petrino blowing smoke?

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  • Linebackers - Petrino blowing smoke?

    In his press conference yesterday, Petrino suggested that the starting LB lineup of Boley-Brooking-Williams might be altered by what happens on draft day.

    The only guy who might be drafted at #8, and could dislodge one of those starters, would be Willis, who would start at MLB and push Brooking to WLB.

    Alternatively, someone like Beason could be available at #39, who might push Williams very hard at WLB.

    Personally, however, I think that we would only be looking for LB depth in the 3rd or 4th rounds. We have MUCH bigger problems than our starting LBers, and using one of our highest picks on a LB would be a waste.

    I suspect that Petrino is trying to persuade other teams that there is at least a risk that we would take Willis, to persuade them to trade with or above us, leaving someone else to fall to us. For example, if Bills are desperate for Willis, and think we might take him, they might offer us a generous trade (we could still get a top player at #12), or trade with the Vikings, allowing Landry to fall to us at #8.

    Another possibility is that the post-draft change to the starters is us LOSING a player. Perhaps there is a potential trade for Demo in the offing. Then Brooking would move to WLB, and Beck would start at MLB. I'd happily add a 2nd round pick for Demo, if we could get one, and add lots of depth in the 4th.

    Interesting possiblities. I think the likeliest inference is that Petrino is just blowing a little smoke.
    TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"

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    Even if we did draft Willis, I wouldn't be upset at all. He's a beast.


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      2nd round for Demorrio is probably a bit too much. That said, agree with the basic premise that LB isn't a big need. DT/DE/OL/S/Big back all go ahead of it, IMO, and perhaps even another CB.


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        I was thinking the Bears MIGHT be willing to give up their 2nd for him, if they lose Briggs. But I accept that he doesn't really have 2nd round value - hence being happy if we got it! Maybe the Lions' 3rd rounder, if they move Sims to MLB.

        I'd be miffed if we drafted Willis. Yes, he'll be a very good MLB, but:

        A) I like Beck as our future MLB. He's got crazy physical tools, and has time to learn. Van Gorder and Zimmer will be great coaches for him, and he has excellent on-field tutors in Milloy and Brooking. He'll be a good one.

        B) We have much bigger needs. BPA and need go hand in hand. Willis may be a beast, but so are Landry, Brown, Okoye, Anderson, and Peterson - all at positions of FAR greater need.
        TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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          A 2nd round pick for Williams would be highway robbery. Williams is so hated by people here, but he's an amazing linebacker.


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            Out of boredom the other day I was going over scenarios for the first 10 picks the other day, and there are a few scenarios where we might have to pick Willis or Okoye, out of nessesity, as the BPA. I wouldn't be upset at all as long as we get someone that is going to make plays for us!


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              I just don't see us taking a LB in round unless we trade down, I don't really like the ideal of drafting one in the 2nd either way to many needs


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                I would much rather have Patrick Willis than Levi Brown, Leon Hall, Amobi Okoye. So if Peterson and Landry are gone, I would be all for it.


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                  I agree with you Shiver.



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