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    Before it's announced, a brief comment on schedule impact. Then we can discuss it properly when it is announced.

    It is better to play the really good and really bad teams away, and the middling teams at home. For the really bad teams, you don't need home advantage. Against the really good teams, home advantage wouldn't help anyway. Against the middling teams (as we are this year, IMO), home advantage can be the difference between a Win and a Loss.
    TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"

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    For sure. I agree with you, and this schedule looks pretty solid.

    1.) At Minnesota
    2.) At Jacksonville
    3.) vs Carolina
    4.) vs Houston
    5.) at Tennessee
    6.) vs NY Giants
    7.) at New Orleans
    8.) Bye
    9.) vs San Fransisco
    10.) at Carolina
    11.) vs Tampa Bay
    12.) vs Indy
    13.) at St. Louis
    14.) vs New Orleans
    15.) at Tampa Bay
    16.) at Arizona
    17.) vs Seattle

    Looks great to me.


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      That's a seriously tough first seven games, but it eases up somewhat after the bye.
      TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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        Man we have a easy schedule. According to S.O.S, the 4th easiest, fantastic.


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          1.) At Minnesota - Tough opener, but with them not having a QB it doesn't bother me too bad.
          2.) At Jacksonville - REAL tough game, prolly will be a loss.
          3.) vs Carolina - We have to protect our house, it's going to depend a lot on the draft, both of these teams are pretty equal.
          4.) vs Houston - Lets just hope Schaub doesn't dominate us somehow and make us look stupid. I think we'll get the W here, I am excited to see us against Mario Williams.
          5.) at Tennessee - Should be an easy W, Vick vs Young should be fun to watch though.
          6.) vs NY Giants - Eli sucks...we should get the W, Tiki is who killed us last year, and he's gone.
          7.) at New Orleans - Wow, well, we all know we under estimated them last year, lets hope that we are over estimating them this season, but I'm thinkin this will be a L
          8.) Bye
          9.) vs San Fransisco - this team will change drastically through the draft. They have like 8 picks in the first 4 rounds...that's an insane amount of talent they will add to their very young and already exceptionally talented team. Demo vs Vernon will be the key to us winning I have a feeling.
          10.) at Carolina - again, whoever wins the draft should win this game.
          11.) vs Tampa Bay - Should be a W, unless they come away with Calvin, and Jeff decides to play like a mad man again this year.
          12.) vs Indy - Lets be honest, we beat them in the preseason, but that was not this same team, and we're going to lose this game.
          13.) at St. Louis - A team that doesn't look too tough right now, but could be a decent matchup.
          14.) vs New Orleans - again, this will prolly be a loss, they stomped us so bad last season, lets just hope we can protect home field.
          15.) at Tampa Bay - a split with these guys would be good, but by this time in the season their age will prolly have them all played out, and depending on if they are out of the playoff hunt (which won't happen in the NFC) it could be a W, but I anticipate it being a close game and a L for us.
          16.) at Arizona - We don't know what to expect here, a new coach, a TON of talent, and by this time of the season they should be clicking. I am afraid this game could be a L as well.
          17.) vs Seattle - We gotta kill Mora, and keep Kerney from getting to Vick, but they are a VERY solid team, one of the best in the NFL.

          9-7 would be a decent record for us on this season. I am HOPEFUL for 10-6, but I see 7-9 and 8-8 as real possibilities right now.


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            No cold weather games!



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