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Falcons to implement 3-WR set as base formation:

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  • Falcons to implement 3-WR set as base formation:

    From Foxsport's "Czar" blog:


    Falcons coach Bobby Petrino definitely has his hands full at quarterback. Petrino is on record that he wants Michael Vick to improve from a career 54 percent passer into a 65 percent quarterback this season. Joey Harrington, who will battle D.J. Shockley for the backup role, has never been better than a 57 percent passer and his career average is lower than that.

    “The first thing we're going to work on is his footwork, making sure he's in the right spot, where he’s supposed to be,” Petrino said. The former U. of Louisville coach said that Vick, being a six-foot athlete, needs to drop deeper into the pocket in order to see the field better.

    “It won't be seven-step drop all the time. You say that and offensive line coaches go crazy, but we will utilize some of that,” Petrino said. “You want to open up a few more lanes, spread things out a little bit more so they can see it as opposed to the max protections.”

    Petrino wants a minimum of three potential receivers in most formations in order to force opposing defenses to cover more players and take the heat off Vick. But most in the league believe he will never make Vick into a Joe Montana-like passer when it comes to accuracy.

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    it says 3 potential receivers, not 3 WR's. meaning he will have a lot of sets that will utilize the fact that we have a top TE (Crump), a top FB (Ovie), and a good group of talent at WR (MJ, Roddy, Finn, Horn), not to mention the potential in Fells and Norwood as receivers out the backfield. we will likely have 5 guys as potential receivers in every play. our base set will likely have Crumpler, Mughelli, Norwood, Jenkins and then either Horn or White in it.

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