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Alright guys, how bout this?

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  • Alright guys, how bout this?

    If Joe Thomas is there at #3 and Cleveland doesn't want too much to move up or even Tampa Bay at #4, we could leapfrog the Arizona Cardinals and take care of a need that maybe more people would appreciate. We all know we need a LT, and there isn't a better one in the draft. It could be a great solution for years to come for this franchise. If Calvin goes #1 and Jamarcus goes #2 leaving Cleveland with a lot of options. If they would take our #39 overall selection + #8 for #3 would you guys accept the trade up?

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    hmmm its tough. so we would only loose 1 2nd rounder? i guess i would call that something i wouldnt be angry with if it happened but not something i particularly want to happen. How does it work out on the trade value chart . to me i still want
    FS OT OG DE and id ideally like the all of them to be close to starter ready. So at the moment id still have trade down as my number 1 option so long as Tomas or Peterson dont fall. But trading up for Tomas we could still go

    #3 Joe Tomas
    #44 Brendan Merriweather
    #75 Brian Robinson (Left rush end with Chauncey in there on run downs) or Baraka Atkins whose main knock was speed but ran great at the combine
    Doug Free converted to OG
    Manuel Remirez (who isnt in Scott's first 3 rounds)

    When you look at it like that the only thing we loose is a fulltime DE but i liked the impact a guy like Mark Anderson had last year as a specialised rush end. I could live with it
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      hey DMH I am working on that Rouse thing now. I finally found a DECENT, not great image of him I think I can make sigable, working on it hopefully before too long I can have that done.

      As far as your mock goes, I am fine with that.


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        The only player I would want to move up for is Calvin.


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          You are a 3rd rounder away from making this a fair trade. I think Detroit may be willing to accept a below market deal in a trade down, but I haven't really heard much about Cleveland desperately shopping their pick.


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            Yeah, I know they haven't cared too much about moving or said much of anything about it, I just thought I'd throw it out there. The whole thing is kinda bleh anyway, I just wanted a new topic to talk about. Joe would be amazing on this team and would help us a lot. I dunno though.



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