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Anthony Spencer Vs. Charles Johnson

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  • Anthony Spencer Vs. Charles Johnson

    If LaRon Landry falls to us and Spencer and Johnson are both on the board in the 2nd round who would you guys take?....Me Personally..I Would take Anthony Spencer....I was watching NFL live the other day and Mel Kiper said that Joe Thomas mentioned that Anthony Spencer gave him the most problems out of any DE in College....We could move Abraham to the strongside end if Spencer is still on the board so im all for spencer.
    Anthony Spencer
    Charles Johnson

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    I would take Johnson, because I want the run DE. I don't care about the pass DE, we have one of the best in the league for that already.


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      We already have a run DE in Chauncey Davis so why take another one?...And I have to agree with you about Abraham being one of the best pass rushers in the league but when was the last time he played a full season?....Plus I think Zimmer would prefar a Pass rushing End over a Run stoping End.


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        I'd take Spencer.

        Both Thomas and Brown have said that he was the hardest they have faced.

        Yes, Spencer is more of a pass-rusher. But that is actually what we need. Chauncey gets a very bad rap, but is actually a perfectly solid - and very good value - LDE against the run. Problem is, he never gets to the QB. Maybe he'll learn that, maybe he won't. But a two down LDE is not the problem. What we need is a pass-rusher, either to spell Davis, or to cover for Abe if (when?) he gets injured again.

        Therefore, Spencer would be my choice.

        That said, I wouldn't ignore the Georgia connection. People will have noticed the following that Shockley brought with him, and the staff may be keen to get that enthusiasm around CJ.

        There are going to be so many excellent DE's available in the 2nd and 3rd, it'll be hard to choose. I actually wouldn't moan if we took a DE at 44 AND 75.

        How about CJ and Woodley, or Spencer and Atkins? Would signal lack of faith in Carrington and Mallard, but that would give us a pretty good and young rotation.
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          I wouldn't mind either but after hearing what Thomas and Brown had to say about Spencer I think we could get him with our second 2nd rounder, and pick up either Brandon Meriweather or Ben Grubbs with our first 2nd rounder.


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            well...who knows then...I just like what I saw from Big Bully, it's not often I am a fan of a UGA player, and he's one who impressed me.


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              I want a balanced DE. Spencer is a great pass rusher, but I would much rather have a Charles Johnson, Tim Crowder, Victor Abiamiri, to play on the strong-side.
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                without a doubt i would take Spencer. He is one of my favorite DE in this draft. Him and Abraham would be amazing to have to rush the QB.
                That said, I would not be mad if we get Johnson. he's good against the run and all, but i'd mach rather prefer Spencer


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                  Again, I agree with Shiver. I really just want a good DE, someone like PK. He wasn't a great pass rusher, but he was enough of a force to cause problems, but he was incredible against the run. I was a huge PK fan but we made the right decision not bringing him back here. But I would like to find a DE in the draft like him. A guy you didn't mention however Shiver is Ikaika Alma-Francis, I really think that guy is going to be one special player.


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                    Charles Johnson over Spencer.......CJ is a BEAST at both, where do you get run DE from when discussing CJ? CJ was one of the best pass rushers in the SEC last year, please do your research before airing things of this nature.

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                      We know he had a good year, but people really were focusing on Moses a lot and letting Bully go 1 on 1 so it allowed his numbers to inflate a little bit. He's solid, but he's going to have to develop some better pass rush moves and technique instead of just relying on strength.


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                        I'll say this much about Anthony Spencer- he is one of the quickest players I have ever seen off the snap. At the senior bowl it was obvious how much quicker off the snap he was than everyone else. Like Kris Jenkins on the Panthers.
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                          wow i really am starting to backflip over alot of my thoughts i have voiced on here in the past few weeks.
                          This DE thing is deffinatly one of those thoughts.
                          I was all for big bully in the 2nd now im not so sure, Chauncey is good v the run so we need someone to do this.

                          Replace the speed/pass rush skills of Abe if/when he is injured

                          DE on pass situations in place of Chauncey when abe is healthy

                          Judging by that, aside from Gaines Adams, Anthony Spencer would be the best fit for that need in the entire draft and he is 2nd round material. 6"3 266 is not as "undersized" as i initially thought.
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