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Weddle and Landry??

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  • Weddle and Landry??

    i know that getting 2 S on the 1st day is weird but if Weddle some how falls to us in the 3rd round woudl you guys like for us to pick him?

    1st- LaRon Landry
    2nd- Anthony Spencer
    2nd- Justin Blalock
    3rd Eric Weddle

    CB: D. Hall
    CB: J. Williams
    S: L. Landry
    S: E. Weddle

    not bad young secondary

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    Would definitely take Weddle in the third (unless, perhaps, Bush were still there...).

    2007: Landry would play FS, Milloy SS, and Weddle would probably play nickelback or dime (competing with Crocker), maybe replacing Milloy on some passing downs. Would be a good secondary.

    2008: Milloy would probably be released, Landry would move to SS, Weddle at FS. Would be a GREAT secondary.
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      Weddle would be great in the 3rd, but he will be gone by then. He will go mid 2nd the latest


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        Weddle could for sure be there round 3, but he's such a freak, he could go round 1, or his versatility could be seen as him not being able to excel at any one position and push him down into round 3.



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