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  • McKay's Press Conference

    I really do have a huge amount of respect for Rich McKay. His drafting for the Falcons has not been flawless thus far (though far more up than down, IMO), but he does conduct himself in such an admirable manner.

    Seriously, though, how stupid are the journalists in Atlanta? Some of those questions were an abysmal excuse for journalism.

    A few points to note:

    1. It seems like he is more of a gametape than measurables guy. It also sounds like Jarrett (who was the obvious guy to whom he was referring as an example) has not fallen down his board as far as some might think. If Jarrett is there early 2nd, we may well pull the trigger, although I would have mixed feelings. Someone like Buster Davis would also be your typical guy who might fall because of measurables, but really shouldn't. Lots of those guys out there, nice to know that McKay isn't blinded by measurables like some (cough*raiders*cough).

    2. McKay said that when a position is deep, you draft late, when it is thin, you draft early. I don't think that's bluster, that's just commonsense. If there's one position that is thin this year, it's OT. If there's one position that is deep this year, is DE (or WR). I think it's pretty clear that, whatever happens, we won't be drafting Anderson ahead of Brown.

    3. McKay seems keen to address the absence of Georgia (state generally) players on the Falcons. Someone like CJ in the 2nd, or Moses in the 3rd, could get a slight grading boost merely as a UG alum.

    4. I'm just really excited to see what Rich pulls off this year. He said it's a critical draft. He's right. Go dominate.
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    Glad to see no Anderson in the 1st, McKay usually is able to draft well, hopefully this weekend is no different.


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      I haven't personally listened to the press conference yet, and don't plan on it. You can't believe a word McKay says, especially 3 days before the draft. This guy is THE best at keeping his true intentions top secret. It really gets annoying because you really don't have a clue what to believe. I hate the week before the draft!


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        Originally posted by Draft King View Post
        Glad to see no Anderson in the 1st, McKay usually is able to draft well, hopefully this weekend is no different.
        I think the Falcons would be better served addressing DE in the 2nd round as opposed to taking Anderson in the 1st. I'm not sold on Anderson at #8, I'd prefer taking an excellent base end prospect to play across from John Abraham in Victor Abiamiri in the 2nd. But that's me.
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          I think we are going to go DT in Rnd 1.

          Okoye or Branch, I don't know. Hard to see BP passing on his boy.

          Not very deep and hasn't been talked about as much as other positions.


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            DT probably has the highest bust potential of any position. It must be a hard position to scout, or maybe its because of the desire problems that always seem to come up. It's a boom or bust position, because if you can find a strong, athletic DT with desire to improve, then you can shut down the running game.


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              I listened to most of it, but what was that part about Michael Bush in there, what did McKay respond with?


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                I like the ideal of drafting Brown over Anderson



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