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  • Your opinion on our draft class?

    Pick 8: Jamaal Anderson
    Pick 39: Justin Blaylock
    Pick 41: Chris Houston
    Pick 75: Laurent Robinson
    Pick 109: Stephen Nicholas
    Pick 133: Martinez Milner
    Pick 185: Trey Lewis
    Pick 194: David Irons
    Pick 198: Doug Datish
    Pick 203: Darren Stone
    Pick 244: Jason Snelling

    I shall add my opinions later.

    "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan

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    Falcons: A-

    Round 1: Jamaal Anderson, DE

    He has freakish size at 6'6 290 and some big time playmaking abilities. He's raw as of right now, but has potential as high as being a Julius Peppers like player. Replaces Kerney at LE, and can hold down both run stopping and pass rushing. The Falcons where looking for Landry or Peterson here, but neither fell. Millen wanted to much for the chance at Calvin, and the Falcons can't trade down with themselves. So a boom/bust type of pick, but he fills a need and the potential is very hard to ignore.

    Round 2a: Justin Blalock, OG

    Will start as our LG immediately, replacing Matt Lehr who was terrible. Petrino wanted to install a bigger more powerful OLine, and Blalock is a great tool to start with. Blalock is 6'4 330, put up 40 reps of 225 at the combine, and managed a score of 41 on the wonderlic which was the highest for an offensive lineman. Blalock is also very consitant starting 51 straight games at Texas. Just a great pick here, filling another need.

    Round 2b: Chris Houston, CB

    There is no way a guy with this talent should have made it to pick 41. He was ranked as the 11th best player on Mayock's board. Alot of mock drafted had him going anywhere from 15-28, so at pick 41 he is an obvious steal. He is extremely fast, ran a 4.32, and put up 27 lifts of 225. There are concerns of him being overly agressive, and drawing too many pass interference pentalies. With his speed and strenght he is too much to pass up. Also he fills an area of need. The Falcons can move Jimmy Williams to FS, a more natural fit for him, and we plug Houston in as the #2 CB, and we have a filled backfield, with 3 guys who run under 4.4's.

    Round 3: Laurent Robinson, WR

    At first I was dissapointed. Never heard of the kid, and there where other good WR's still on the board. Then I did some reasearch and found out that at the combine he was in the top 10 at every event. Also add in that he has great YAC potential. Even though most of the time he was up against not so great competition, when he did have good opponents, he showed up. High potential pick here, and I'm sure a mastermind like Hue Jackson can groom him.

    Round 4a: Stephen Nicholas,LB

    Depth. He can play ever linebacker postion and with the news of Demorrio Williams tearing a pectorial muscle, he could really be of assistance here. Has a good motor, and will make the tackles that are needed.

    Round 4b: Martrez Milner, LB

    A pick that I'm not a fan of. Has a lack of expierence because he was behind Leonard Pope. Also has a problem with dropped passes, and has shown concentration problems. He is a solid blocker, but the kid can straight up fly. Great speed here, another player that will have to be worked with.

    Round 6a: Trey Lewis, DT

    Comes out of a small school. Big guy at 6'3 325. Has a solid potential but is raw.

    Round 6b: David Irons, CB

    Great pick here. Tore his ACL twice, but when healthy was a fanstatic player. Will provide much needed depth.

    Round 6c: Daren Stone, S

    Youtube. Type in his name, and you will se videos of the kid jumping over cars. Great size, 6'3, 220, and has shown to be a real big hitter. Good potential/depth, will make a ST impact.

    Round 7: Jason Snelling, RB

    Big back who will complement Dunn and Norwood very well. A FB/RB tweener, who Petrino can use as his big back.


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      This is the happiest I can remember feeling about a draft.


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        Being a long time USF fan, I can say that you guys got a great playmaker in Nicholas.


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          Good, because he may be our day-1 starter due to an injury.


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            We had a great day. We addressed pretty much all our needs, and added some much needed depth. We got Anderson that filled the LE need, Blalock that filled a need at G, Chris Houston which filled a need at CB, and allowed Jimmy Williams to move to FS, so it pretty much filled 2 needs. I don't know about Laurent Robinson yet, but we needed to add a WR and got one, Stephen Nichols was a pretty good pickup as he can play any LB position and immediatly adds depth. I don't know about the Martez Milner pick, when we could've had Ben Patrick, but we got needed depth at TE, added some much needed depth at CB with David Irons who I think compares to Ronde Barber, Got some depth on the OL with Doug Datish, and then got depth at S with sleeper Daren Stone. I would like to have added a power back other than Jason Snelling, because I don't think he's good enough to fit into our rotation.


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              What I love is the team focused on two areas;

              1. In the trenches. The team added much needed depth, and size, to both lines.

              2. The secondary. The '07 secondary is night and day in contrast to last year's unit.
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                Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds View Post
                Round 3: Laurent Robinson, WR

                At first I was dissapointed. Never heard of the kid, and there where other good WR's still on the board. Then I did some reasearch and found out that at the combine he was in the top 10 at every event. Also add in that he has great YAC potential. Even though most of the time he was up against not so great competition, when he did have good opponents, he showed up. High potential pick here, and I'm sure a mastermind like Hue Jackson can groom him.
                i really dont like this pick but i might have to eat my words later. i feel like we just got rid of a very similar vet in lelie and got a rookie. robinson, imo, lacks the toughness and physicality we need at wr. imo, we dont have any potential YAC recievers who can break some tackles. and i know we are gonna run the vertical passing offense but it would be nice for some third downs. horn can be physical but with his injury last season and his age i think he wont be as effective and jenkins and roddy seem to just go down either with or without the ball.


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                  1. Jamaal Anderson

                  I am REALLY dissapointed we didnt get Laron Landry here. I really wanted that guy...Adrian Peterson didnt drop to us either...Even Levi Brown didnt make it to number 8...Kinda sad. With that being sad, I wouldve liked a trade down but this pick isnt too bad. He has the potential to be a perrenial pro bowler and be one of the best DEs year in and year out. He also has the chance to be a bust. A concern of mine was the fact that he had one good year, but seeing as how he started 5 games his sophmore year and had 4 sacks was nice to know. I dont think his work ethic should be questioned seeing as how he has had to cope with a deaf father for most of his life. What I look for most in a prospect is his work ethic and athleticism and instinct. He definetly has the first 2.

                  2. Justin Blaylock

                  Great pick. Arguably the best guard in the draft which we got at pick 39. What a steal. Was a tackle in the college level so he definetly has somewhat quick feet. Showed he can be a mauler with his 40 reps, and had a nice 41 wonderlic score. LG was a huge need and this guy can be a day 1 starter. With this being said, I wonder what we are going about our OT issue. Tony Ugoh was here at this spot and I wonder whether we should have picked him up. Seeing Gandy start for most of this season will make me shoot myself.

                  3. Chris Houston

                  Ah. My favorite pick of the draft. I really liked this guy when I learned more about him. Is an amazing fit for Zimmer's press coverage scheme. Excels in man to man so we can just man up Houston and Hall all day long and allow our LB's and S's to blitz. What worries me is his comparisons with Ahmad Carroll...Sure he is bound to draw comparisons with the former Razorback, but after I learned that he also had troubles with penalties in college (8 pass interference pentalties in senior year) I am a tiny bit worried. We will just have to see. I heard he is a hard worker, so that makes me really happy.

                  4. Laurent Robinson

                  I know nothing about this guy, except I remember him running a fast 40. Not too thrilled with this pick yet...Someone wanna tell me more about this man?

                  5. Stephen Nicholas

                  I like this pick. Didnt know anything about this guy until I looked him up. I love players with great insticts and are always around the ball and make plays, regardless of competition level. Didnt know why we picked a LB until I heard about Demorrio Williams. This guy might get thrown into the fire early and I think he can shine in his limited playing time.

                  6. Martez Milner

                  The WTF pick. Dont like it at all. Out of the blue...Inconcistent hands...Why did we pick him?

                  I shall finish later. Sucks analyzing 11 picks.

                  "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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                    Overall, I like the draft when I look back at it. Could have been better in my eyes, but I trust McKay and the staff, they know far more about everybody than I do.

                    #8 - Jamaal Anderson - I am dissapointed that we missed out on both Landry and Peterson. I thought for sure at least one of them would drop to us. Still, I think this guy is a great pick for us. Anderson has the potential to be a Pro Bowl DE, he can play both the run and the pass well. He's exactly what we needed, he can play LE with John Abraham and can swich to RE when Abraham is hurt/in the future. The best part is that not only does he have potential, he has the intangibles, character and work ethic to realize that potential.

                    #39 - Justin Blaylock - I don't think anyone can argue with this pick. Blaylock is a huge run blocker who instantly becomes the starter. He's arguably the best guard in the draft (definitely the best for our power-run scheme), and we were able to pick him in the second. Great combination of need and value.

                    #44 - Chris Houston - The best man corner in the draft, to be able to get him in the 2nd round could be the steal of the draft. I'm starting to think that naming Jimmy Williams starting RCB might have been a smokescreen, or maybe they just saw the chance and took it. Houston has huge potential to be a shutdown corner (4.32 speed, an insane 27 bench press reps for a corner), but he also has high bust potential. Still, in the second round, he's a great pick.

                    #75 - Laurent Robinson - This pick shocked me, I thought Michael Bush would be the pick. I had never heard of him, but looking at him, I think that he can be a solid reciever for us. Hopefully he can bulk up and not loose speed, from what I've read that would really help his game, and the fumbling problem should be fixable. He knows how to be a productive #1 reciever and is a good route runner, which you can't say for alot of guys in the 3rd round.

                    #109 - Stephen Nicholas - A good pick, even more important now with Demarrio Williams out until the opener, so he'll be a starter unless we move Brooking outside and start Beck. He's an experienced, productive 4-year starter who is a good athlete. Also, he plays with a nasty demeanor, which is the most important attribute for a LB to have

                    #133 - Martrez Milner - The first reaction is to pile onto this guy, but the question is why did we draft him? It seems to be a potential pick, and we must feel that he can develop into a multi-demensional TE. The coaching staff may be able to work with him on the drops, and he might end up being a solid player. Still confusing though with Ben Patrick still on the board...

                    #185 - Trey Lewis - A huge man DT with lots of potential, but will be a project player. Hopefully he can take time get used to the NFL and add strength, but with the Grady Jackson lawsuit, he may have to play quicker than we would like.

                    #194 - David Irons - I am extremely happy with this pick. He was a #1 corner in the SEC, which says something right there. If he can stay healthy (2 ACL surgeries) then he can be a nickel or dime corner and provide depth. Irons lacks the elite timed speed, but he makes up for it with the passion he plays with. After this pick, it's looking more and more like Jason Webster is finally on his way out of Atlanta.

                    #198 - Doug Datish - Very versatile and has played every position on the O-line. He can provide depth all-around and could develop into a starter later down the road. Plays with a mean streak and intelligence, a great combination for a lineman.

                    #203 - Daren Stone - I'm sure everyone has seen the Youtube videos of him jumping over a car. Obviously he has great athleticism, but he didn't play vs. elite competition. Hopefully he can start at SS in the future but for now he provides depth.

                    #244 - Jason Snelling - A big, bruising back who can play FB and RB, I expect him to get goal line carries next year and take on a larger role and split carries with Jerrious Norwood after Warrick Dunn retires.


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                      Man all I know right that we got 2 great corners in this draft and I hope we add 1 more through URFA (Kenny Scott) And Webster isn't even on the depth chart anymore on this is great!


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                        1. Jamaal Anderson - LE - Arkansas

                        2. Justin Blalock - LG - Texas

                        2. Chris Houston - RCB - Arkansas

                        3. Laurent Robinson - WR - Illinois State

                        4. Stephen Nicholas - OLB - South Florida

                        4. Martrez Milner - TE/H-Back - Georgia

                        6. Trey Lewis - NT - Washburn

                        6. David Irons - CB - Auburn

                        6. Doug Datish - OL - Ohio State

                        6. Darren Stone - SS - Maine

                        7. Jason Snelling - FB/RB - Virginia

                        I adore the draft. This draft will go a long way into paving the way to great success in the Bobby Petrino era. Here are a few quick snippets.

                        Jamaal Anderson - Immediate steps in as the starting LE. Though he is raw, he has excellent character, and all the talent in the world. He has the potential to be a solid pass rusher, with the potential to be an elite player at the P.O.A. I am very, very glad they took him over Amobi Okoye.

                        Justin Blalock - I called this pick. Evidently, the team tried to trade into the #28 slot in the first round to get him. Fortunately he fell to #39. He will be the starting LG from day-1. Immediately improves the O-Line. Arguably, he fills the biggest need on the team.

                        Chris Houston - I am stunned he fell so far. He is the best man corner in the draft, and Mike Zimmer loves press man-to-man corners. This improves two positions in one move. He jumps in at LCB, and should beat out Lewis Sanders, and Jason Webster. They will then move Jimmy Williams to, as I feel, his natural position at Safety. The pass defense last year was atrocious. Now the team is much stronger.

                        Laurent Robinson - I didn't know a lot about him. However, when I double checked info about him the more I like the pick. He palyed very well against top flight competition. He also certainly has the physical tool-set to succeed. Not to mention Hue Jackson is our WR coach, who was beloved by the Bengals' receivers, so I trust him to develop him.

                        Stephen Nicolas - Rich McKay has had tremendous success with his last two day-2 OLB. With Williams' injury, the play style difference between the two is negligible. Very solid workout numbers. Very productive in college.

                        Martnez Milner - Not that big of a fan. However, he does have the ability to be a nice H-Back for the team. Obviously they like him in that capacity.

                        Trey Lewis - A large man, in deed. He all the ability to be a standout NT. A nice gamble in the 6th round. I am a big fan of taking shots at projects. There is nothing to lose here.

                        David Irons - A really nice value, in my opinion. Has upside, and fits Zimmer's scheme. Once again; they don't lose anything if he doesn't stand out. Hopefully this ensures that Allen Rossum doesn't see the field any more, as a corner.

                        Doug Datish - I love this pick. He provides depth at multiple O-Line positions. Not too shabby for a 6th round pick.

                        Darren Stone - Has great physical ability, and will be able to learn under the tutelage of Lawyer Milloy. I wouldn't be surprised if he turns into something.

                        Jason Snelling - Our power I-formations will knock some heads. Line this guy behind Ovi Mughelli, and run behind Justin Blalock. That's a lot of strength.



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                          The more I look at the draft and the players the better it gets...Milner is a blemish on an otherwise NASTY draft, but the pick SHOULD have been Ben Patrick there imo.

                          Is anyone else excited that Rossy and Webster are goners?


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                            Who is going to be the RS if we cut Rossum?


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                              We have a lot of options at return. Norwood is a KR extraordinarie and Jennings is a good PR guy. But I think that Houston also has return ability, and as much as we'd hate it, Deangelo is MORE than capable at both. Jenkins was fine on KR as a decoy for that stupid fake lol.



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