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Player Comparisons of our new draft picks

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  • Player Comparisons of our new draft picks

    wt. 288 ht. 6-5 3/8 40 time: 4.75 arm: 33 3/4" bench: 22 reps @ 225 lbs
    junior stats @ Arkansas
    2006 14 gp 65 tkl 19.5 tfl 13.5 sacks

    wt. 283 ht. 6-6 40 time: 4.74 arm: 34 1/8" bench: 24 reps @ 225 lbs
    junior stats @ UNC
    2001 12 gp 63 tkl 19 tfl 9.5 sacks

    Wow...I know that's a bad 40 for Peppers and he is a FREAK...but man alive...that's exciting to see...especially since we know that Anderson has only played DE for 3 years.

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    What I REALLY want to know is Peppers' 3-cone time. That's where Anderson excels, and it would very interesting to see how the two compare. Let's not fool ourselves, Anderson is not Peppers, but he can certainly be an elite DE in his own right.
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      If Anderson can be 90% of what Peppers is, we got a steal.


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        yeah I'm not fooling myself, just got kinda excited =)


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          Physically, Anderson is close, but Peppers slightly edges him out across the board.


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            Holy crap. Just saw the McKay interview, and he just about compared Anderson to: Michael Strahan, Julius Peppers, and Reggie White.

            Yeah, i'd take that.

            Shame for him about Rod going down. Would have been very helpful for him to have a veteran next to him during the preseason...
            TD 2011 catch-phrase: "explosive"


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              yup... oh well... he'll just have to settle for Babineaux next to him... good players need help... great ones make the other guys around them better.

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                Sure do, but Babs is a baller too, there really isn't much of a drop off from Coleman to him other than what he's already produced and Babs hasn't...yet. He will though, and Coleman will be back in the season. I like that he has extra pressure, the more we expect the harder he'll push to succeed.


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                  Laurent Robinson- L. Coles


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                    We can only hope



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