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Who will/wont make the team?

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  • Who will/wont make the team?

    Pick 8: Jamaal Anderson
    Pick 39: Justin Blaylock
    Pick 41: Chris Houston
    Pick 75: Laurent Robinson
    Pick 109: Stephen Nicholas
    Pick 133: Martinez Milner - no
    Pick 185: Trey Lewis
    Pick 194: David Irons
    Pick 198: Doug Datish
    Pick 203: Darren Stone
    Pick 244: Jason Snelling - no

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    Milner doesn't have a lot of competition. I think he will beat out Dwayne Blakley. I think Snelling is the only one who won't make it. I think after June 1st cuts, the team will find a better option as a "power RB" out there.


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      I don't think any of these guys will get cut. I don't think Snelling will get released because of his versatility, he's plays both RB and FB. And will be a good addition to the ST.
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        I agree with Myogi. I think all of them can possibly stick. Snellings' versatility was explicitly referred to as helpful for the roster, so I expect him to stay. I expect Beverly to be cut, and for us to keep 4 TEs (especially given the expected use of an H-back).

        I also expect a few otehr expensive veterans to be cut, allowing us the room to add people at DT and RB. We NEED Ian Scott now.

        If I were the Falcons, I would have kept Rod's injury quiet, until we had a chance to sign Scott. The agent will now increase the price...
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          I don't expect any of our picks to get cut, but reallistically, it could happen to anyone other than our top 4 picks, due to injury just being busts.



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