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Snap Judgments ~ Minicamp hightligts

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  • Snap Judgments ~ Minicamp hightligts

    Anyway, here are some snap judgments Iíve made in this very early stage of minicamp; free association styleÖ

    Michael Vick = Cool, collected, somewhat more muscular

    Joey Harrington = Deliberate, mechanical

    D.J. Shockley = A millisecond off track with his throws

    Jerious Norwood = Jack rabbit quick, elusive

    Jimmy Williams = A work in progress

    Brian Finneran = Not fully recovered

    Joe Horn = Fast and furious

    Roddy White = Looking expendable

    Laurent Robinson = A keeper

    John Abraham = Imposing

    DeAngelo Hall = Waiting for the spotlight

    Chris Houston = Ball hawk

    Interesting. I will continue to update this thread with more quick hits as they come available.

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    Wow...yeah, B Finn is a goner imo. Roddy after all that work with the Force recievers better step his game up.


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      Interesting stuff. I think Finneran will stick around even if he isn't fully recovered. Only him and Crumpler have established complete trust with Vick. For that reason I hope that he can recover. If Roddy cant have a breakout year this year, he probably wont be a Falcon by next year, we have enough depth at WR, we could trade him.


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        i'm worried about jimmy williams being a work in progress.


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          He's raw at the position. Eventually his physical talents will take over. From what I've read he is a motivated, hard worker.


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            Glad to hear Robinson is doing well, not glad to hear that Roddy still hasn't figured this thing out yet...


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              Will jimmy have to put the weight he lost back on again? If i were him that would be my only problem with the switch back to FS
              Page 49, Atlanta Falcons Gameday Thread- Best...Page...Ever


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                Guys at the NFL level are asked to switch positions and add and lose weight all of the time. I wouldnt worry too much about that, it just might take him a while to get used to the nuances of playing safety. He's done it before though, so it shouldn't be too bad.


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                  He will pick it up...but he's heavy enough even at 205, people put too much emphasis on that. He'll prolly end up playing about 215 - 220


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                    Even at 6'2" 207-lbs, he is bigger than most NFL Free Safeties.


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                      The guy said Jimmy has LIMITED COVER skills...c'mon...that's BS...he was the nation's top corner 2 years ago...not because he can just physically abuse people, but because he was able to cover as well...stupid...pisses me off


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                        The only thing I'm mad at right now, is the lack of photos.


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                          Haha...yeah...well...I'm pretty pissed too. SI didn't even get a Jamaal up yet and they are supposed to have photos of the top 32 selections


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                            I think we should make a Official Minicamp thread. what do ya think Shiver?


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                              Steve Wyche's top five observations from Mini-Camp:

                              1. They will be much bigger

                              There were 17 players on the mini-camp roster that weighed more than 300 pounds. Not all of the big bodies will make the final roster, but the Falcons have given themselves options along the offensive and defensive lines. Not all the growth has come among linemen, either. Tight ends Dwayne Blakley and Daniel Fells are noticeably bigger and each is pushing 260 pounds. Tailback Jerious Norwood is up five pounds to 210.
                              Anaylsis: Good to hear about Jerious Norwood. I think he will be a force this upcoming season, and hopefully the extra weight helps him run with more power. As well as helps him stay healthy.

                              2. There will be competition at wide receiver

                              The addition of Joe Horn and the drafting of Laurent Robinson could change the pecking order. Horn is clearly the No. 1 guy and Michael Jenkins appears to be the solid No. 2. Roddy White had a good mini-camp but Robinson, selected in the third round, created the most buzz. Adam Jennings didn't hurt himself, nor did free agent Fred Gibson. Brian Finneran, recovering from knee surgery, is expected to be back by preseason, but he could have his work cut out for him.
                              Analysis: As I have previously said, I truly expect Laurent Robinson to win the #3 WR position. Finneran is in jeopardy, I believe, to not make the roster.

                              3. Bobby Petrino and staff mean business

                              Players were hit with large amounts of information and though perfection wasn't expected, it was demanded. It did not matter who the player was, coaches praised them when they did well and got on them when they messed up.

                              "We're hands-on coaches and we get after it," offensive coordinator Hue Jackson said. "That's kind of the way we do things and I think guys are beginning to understand we're not going to back off. It's what you can expect and expect it every day and that's what's going to get us to where we want to go."
                              Analysis: A much needed change up from the Jim Mora regime, I believe.

                              4. Jimmy Williams' switch to safety will take time

                              Williams has plenty of work to do after being moved from cornerback two weeks ago. Though free safety appears to be a better fit, according to defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, Williams was hesitant at times and wasn't in the proper spots as a result. Williams also has to learn the calls and checks. He made some mistakes but Williams also showed a lot of positive signs.
                              Analysis: If he figures it out, he will be a dominant NFL safety I believe. It fits his skill set perfectly. I have always felt that way. Last year I thought it was a mistake to take him, with intentions for him to play at corner that is.

                              5. Veterans not going out easily

                              Although rookies Jamaal Anderson, Chris Houston and Justin Blalock are projected starters and Williams is supposed to take over at free safety, they're going to have to earn it. Chauncey Davis appears to have no plans to step aside for Anderson, the first-round draft pick, at defensive end. Veteran free-agent signee Lewis Sanders worked as the starting right cornerback and did what was asked. Houston was impressive, though. Toniu Fonoti rotated with Blalock at left guard trying revive his once promising career. Chris Crocker struggled in deep coverage at free safety last season but he appeared to be on a mission to be a better player, despite recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery.
                              Analysis: This kind of information always comes out, likely to inspire the rookies to continue to press. In reality, I do not believe that Chauncey Davis, Toniu Fonoti, or Lewis Sanders, will be starting for this team.



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