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    Our depth chart is pretty solid, but there are a few starting spots open and some key reserve spots as well.

    Ben Grubbs vs. Keydrick Vincent vs. Chris Chester

    Word is Grubbs hasn't picked up the offense very well. He's got the strength and athleticism to dominate the position though and has the most upside. Vincent was a bust in his first two years with the team after a season of great play in Pittsburgh. However, it was reported that he had a sports hernia that he played through and is now fully recovered. Due to his experience, and the Raven's loyalty to veterans, he probably has the inside track at the moment, despite his recent poor play. Chester, who progressed much quicker than though started 4 games last year and played well, is exceptionally quick off the line but still isn't that experienced. He also needs to develop his upper body more.

    Inside track: Vincent. He's got the experience and is recovered from injury.
    Opening day starter: Chester. He's far more athletic than Vincent and is naturally superior as a blocker.

    Mike Flynn vs. Chris Chester

    Flynn has been a mainstay on the line for years and he somehow remains the starter despite many flaws. He's weak and is driven back on run plays and is brushed off as DTs make their way to the QB. But, he knows the line calls extremely well, is a good technician, and has a good chemistry with the other veteran lineman. Chester is more of an athlete but center is tough to pick up.

    Inside track: Flynn. Ravens are loyal to veterans and Flynn has been a coach favorite for a while.
    Opening day starter: Flynn. Chester could overtake Fynn this season if the coaches feel that a RG can replace Chester there.

    Le'Ron McClain vs. Justin Green

    McClain, a captain at Bama last year, is a tremendous blocker and team leader. He's in the mold of other great Raven FBs like Sam Gash, Alan Ricard and Ovie Mughelli and like Mughelli, is pretty good catching the ball out of the backfield. Green is a former college RB with great size and athleticism and is more suited to carry the ball and a good special teams player.

    Inside track: McClain. He's the kind of FB the Ravens love.
    Opening day starter. McClain. Perfect for McNair to dump passes to and is good as a blocker.
    (If he starts, the backfield is McNair, McClain, McGahee - the MCs)

    DE - Edwards vs. Bannan vs. Ellison vs. Leitko|||||Edge: Bannan. Most proven and talented. Leitko has a chance for PS.
    NT - Marshall vs. Wilson vs. Powell|||||Edge: Marshall. A DII standout with NFL experience. Has the size and quickness to be good, but not the intangibles.
    Dime Back - Martin vs. Prude vs. Pittman vs. Olgesby||||Edge: Prude. Showed his playmaking skills last year with 2 picks and a TD.
    MLB - Haley vs. Smith vs. Burgess||||Edge: Haley. Had a solid game against Tennessee and has the strength to play a 3-4 and quickness for a 4-3.

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    I agree with most but there is apparently an interest by some of the coaches to maybe see Brown move to C, which doesnt make sense to me because the dude was very good at OG last year why fix what isn't broke. And also I think Mike Smith is the 2nd best MLB on this team he just needs to show he can stay healthy, while I think Prescott is gonna be more of a special teams guy like Gary Stills and Tim Johnson were last year.

    I think some you missed are:

    Nickelback- Corey Ivy vs David Pittman

    Remember when we drafted Pittman Rex was extremely excited saying he is the perfect fit for the nickelback position so I think they are really gonna give him the chance to beat out Corey who played well last year but is aging. I think if Pittman stays healthy and plays like he is expected too the job is his.

    3rd QB- Troy Smith vs Drew Olson vs Cullen Finnerty

    While I believe this is truly a 1 horse race with Troy Smith winning it, I am kinda intrigued to see Cullen Finnerty, I always like QBs who know how to win and his college record was 51-4. Yes he played against inferior competition but he played with inferior talent around him. In the end Troy will be the #3 QB.

    3rd Down Pass Rusher- Dan Cody vs Antwan Barnes

    If Cody can stay healthy he will terrorize QBs all year, but if Cody stays injury prone than I think Barnes isn't much of a dropoff from Cody.

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