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    This is my new mock with the Comp picks. This is also assuming that we don't trade down or anything. But hopefully we do trade down for some extra picks.

    Round 1 (#8 Overall): Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tenn St.
    We have little to no depth after C-Mac and Samari. David Pittman got burned on everyplay against the Colts, but had 2 picks in the final game against the Bengals. Derrick Martin is more of a dimeback and special teams player. Ronnie Prude, my favorite of the three, is also a dimeback that saw some time at the nickel during his rookie season, but fell off last year. I still see a little potential for him to be the nickelback of the future. Corey Ivy is not really serviceable as a nickel, he's more of a dime. Frank Walker has a shot at nickel, but from what I'm hearing he's a special teams player more then anything. In conclusion, we have depth at the dimeback spot, but no true nickelback that can be consistent. DRC can step in easily and be that nickel this year and start next year, if Samari is done. Doesn't hurt that he's related to "Crime Time".

    Round 2 (#38 Overall): Lawrence Jackson, DE, USC
    Trevor Pryce was injured for the most part of last season and he's getting really old. We have very little depth behind him as well. Dwan Edwards was an okay back-up. Edgar Jones is loved by the front office and they see something in him, so we'll have to see what he can do. But there is pretty much no one else after Jones & Edwards. We need somebody to take over Trevor's spot for the future, which won't be long because Trevor is already 32. Lawrence Jackson is a somewhat smaller, faster version of Trevor Pryce. He can learn under Pryce this year and take over next year.

    Round 3 (#99 Overall): Tavares Gooden, LB, Miami
    Antwan Barnes has one of the outside linebacker spots locked down for the future, but who's going to take over the other spot? We have Jarrett Johnson playing the other spot right now, but Gooden just looks like the next in a great line of Miami linebackers, which obviously includes Ray. Gooden can be mentored by Ray this year, and then challenge Jarret Johnson for the starting spot. The only other depth player that we have is Gary Stills, but he's a special teams player, Edgar Jones can play outside too, but thats about it. Terrell Suggs is listed as a linebacker, but we all know he's a defensive end.

    Round 4 (#106 Overall): Marcus Smith, WR, New Mexico
    One of my top sleepers in the draft. He's got good size, ball skills, speed, blocking and strength. When Derrick Mason is gone, that only gives us Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams as our top receivers, assuming that Yamon Figurs stays as our 4th Receiver. Smith can be a great compliment to Williams because Smith will be more then happy to go into the middle of the field, while Williams stretches the field. Mark Clayton can slide into the slot option, with his speed.

    Round 4 (#133 Overall): Josh Johnson, QB, San Diego
    This is really the only QB, I wouldn't mind drafting next to Colt Brennan. Assuming that Troy Smith does seal the starting spot, Steve McNair's carrer is at an end and the Kyle Boller experiment is over. We need some depth under Troy and I guarantee you that Jim has already told John all about Josh Johnson.

    Round 5 (#146 Overall): Supplemental Draft; Jared Gaither

    Round 6 (#173 Overall): Cody Wallace, C, Texas A&M
    Mike Flynn is gone and that leave Chris Chester as our starter. We have NO depth behind, we have Jason Brown who's had experience playing under the QB, but he's a better guard. Cody Wallace can be a reliable back-up and if Chester doesn't reach expectations, Wallace can challenge him for the starting spot.

    Round 6 (#206 Overall): Nehemiah Warrick, S, Michigan St.
    Another depth pick. Gerome Sapp has yet to be re-signed and the only other safety we have is Jamanie Winborne (The same man that cost us the game aganist New England with the holding penalty and the man who lost the Dolphins receiver in coverage and let him walk into the end-zone for the only victory that Miami had)

    Round 7 (#215 Overall): Andrew Crummey, OG, Maryland
    Depth behind Jason Brown & Ben Grubbs. +Hometown Boy.

    Round 7 (#240 Overall): Jack Ikegwuonu, CB, Wisconsin
    Was easily a day one pick before his injury. This is a low risk, high reward pick. The last corner I remember whose injury scared teams away was Antonio Cromartie. He's doing pretty damn well right now.
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    Baltimore: 7-4

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    I would be shocked to see Gooden, Wallace, and Johnson fall as far as you have them falling. You have Gooden going with one of the last pick of round 3, he just barely makes it as a day 1 pick in your mock. He has legit round 2 talent and while LBs do fall, I just don't seem him falling much further then about 85 or so. At worst I think he could go a half round eariler then you have him at.

    Josh Johnson has flown up draft boards lately and he has a style of play that differs from every other QB in the draft. Teams will crave that playmaking with the feet and that style that he brings. I think you'll definately see a team draft him in the 1st 3 rounds.

    Cody Wallace is one of the drafts better centers. He could go anywhere from round 3-5. Seriously doubt he makes it to round 6.

    Nice ideas but I think your being overly optomistic about some of the guy you have at some spots. Thats more of a dream draft if everyone fell and everything played out perfectly. It really isn't a realistic draft IMO.


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      not to mention we run a lot of 3-4, and gooden is a terrible fit there...also, i would love alot of these picks, but in a realistic sense, half the guys you mentioned wouldnt even be there. would love ikegwunu in the 7th thoigh, he was my fave pick for our D before he got hurt
      Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
      The APS is strong in this one.
      Originally posted by killxswitch
      Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


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        I don't think Gooden will be there, but you never know. I think the whole world is sleeping on Campbell from the U I know he had a bad workout and a down Year this past year but his physical tools can't be taught and I think sometimes you just need to surround people with the right motivators and he be huge...maybe thats the 2nd rd guy or 3rd rd guy we take to back up Trevor won't cost much in the way of money and has HGUE upside potential..

        Only issue I see with us drafting another QB is who are we going to cut ? Boller and McNair are screwing us with contracts, plus I wouldnt cut McNair he does have value through his experience. I think we trade Kyle to a team looking for a good back up with good character and package him with a 4th rd and try and move up or down and pick up extra picks or maybe a #1 next year...When we have Hunter Cartwell (Louisville), Marc "Dirty" Sanchez (USC), Matt Stafford (UGA) and potentially Colt McCoy (Texas) and Graham Harrel (Texas Tech) when you have more talent in the pool for QB give Troy a year to see if he is the answer... rather then bring in another What if like we did with Derek Anderson and look how that back fired !?!?!?!?!??!!


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          josh johnson as a raven!?!? could be beautiful

          just imagine....

          Go Celtics
          Go Irish
          Go Ravens


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            Andrew Crummey, Jack Ikegwuonu
            dont see them falling to the 7th round bro

            i like the 1st 4


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              I'd like to see the 3rd rounder go to Paul Hubbard from Wisconsin



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