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Ray Lewis contract extension talks

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  • Ray Lewis contract extension talks

    how do you guys feel about Ray getting extended? I want him to retire a raven but i really dont want him to be way overpaid.

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    It's for the right price then I'm fine with it. I have a feeling that he's going to ask for a lot of money though. Biscotti loves everything about Lewis and would probably give him the money he wants if it came down to it.


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      ray lewis isnt going anywhere. Go to and read the blurb about him in the around teh web section. It says the ravens will outbid any team for him if he hits FA. Ray is the heart and soul of this team. Hes the face of the franchise. He is still a premier MLB. he isnt going anywhere, trust me on that one.
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      The APS is strong in this one.
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        I really want him to retire a Raven.


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          Ray will wear Purple and Black in the NFL all the way to Canton...


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            Does he want to retire as a he willing to take the pay cuts and stuff like Troy Brown not necessarily to that extent but you know.


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              I really doubt that Ray wants to retire in any other colors then Purple and Black.
              I think that he would be willing to take a pay-cut if it makes the team better. Todd Heap & Samari are taking pay-cuts.

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                I would love to see him re-signed. He deserves to be kept happy and is still a force at middle linebacker.


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                  Ray when he is 100% is still a TOP 5 MLB and there is no reason now that Billick is gone to think he won't want to do what it takes to get another Super Bowl ring and trophy in Charm City...

                  He would take a cut if it meant bringing in a High Profile star on Offense to put up points like a Ocho Cinco, or bring a QB in that was a proven commodity like a McNabb. We know thats not happening but I think given the opportunity it would be the reason he would do it...


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                    Brian Urlacher 6yrs 57 Million
                    Julian Peterson 7yrs 54 Million
                    Alan Faneca 5yrs 40 Million
                    Justin Smith 6yrs 45 Million
                    Tommy Kelly 7yrs, 50 Million
                    Adalius Thomas 5yrs 35 Million

                    which one do you think is more likely, im thinking 7-8 Million a year he gonna get

                    i got this felling hes gonna get 4yrs 30 Million 7.5 Million A Year
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                      It all depends on what position it puts us in down the road... he will restructure if its means bringing in more people that can help us win and win NOW...



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