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Troy Smith lookin' good in practice

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    Originally posted by trkaline View Post
    All I'm worried about is Boller stepping up at minicamp and preseason and winning the starting job then it's Deja Vu....hope to god that doesn't happen...
    Uh Oh, here we go again, you just opened pandora box


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      I kinda see a browns QB situation, where the Ravens might start Boller(frye) the 1st game, even though Troy(Anderson) beat him out in practice, due to experience. Then if he doesn't show anything they put Troy in immediately.


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        I know it's just the first day and all, but for those who think Troy is gonna start so quickly, NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND.

        Troy Smith took the first snaps in the Ravens' red-zone drills but didn't impress.

        In six plays, he was 1-for-5 passing with three interceptions and a fumbled snap. One of the interceptions was made by secondary coach Chuck Pagano, who was filling in as a defensive back.

        Kyle Boller was 4-for-4 in the same drill but threw all short passes.

        Joe Flacco was 1-for-3 but his one completion was a tough pass over the middle to Patrick Carter.


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          all short passes, if he keeps that up in the season will the KBC bash Boller like they did McNair all season?


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            It's not looking like our QBs are going to be a strong point of the team. Boller has always shown flashes, maybe this time he doesn't run so hot and cold, but I doubt that very much. It's just one drill though, so I wouldn't put too much stock into it.


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              being intercepted by the coach is sad though.

              Saints 2014 draft wish list:
              - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
              - Corner or Wideout in the first
              - No reaching
              - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                HAHA......Go Troy Smith! I know its only one day but its just funny to see the savior stumblin. I don't hate Smith, though Im sure some of you will accuse me of it, I just find it funny that some people believe Smith is WAY better than Kyle when there is no evidence to prove it. Kyle is gonna be our starting QB this season, sorry to crush the Troy Smith Fan Club's dreams.
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                  I'm kinda in the "I don't really care anymore who the QB is this season" boat..since next year and the year after it's basically Flacco's job. Whoever is in that #1 spot on the depth chart is really just polishing it for him, anyways. Boller is likely gone next year and Smith will be the Jim Sorgi of the Ravens.

                  Then again, stranger things have happened..I'm just waiting it out as opposed to choosing a QB to get behind this time around. I would have honestly said the same thing even if McNair was back for another season.


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                    On a side note, that 1-for-5 showing with 3 picks and a fumble is even more baleful when you realize there were no cornerbacks on the field - rookie safeties Zbikowski and Nakamura, Trevor Pryce, and Coach Harbaugh, Pagano and Mark Carrier were the DBs for the day.

                    I really, really want Troy Smith to do well. And with all the positive reports, I've been getting very hopeful.

                    But the past week, I did my best to remove the purple-colored glasses and really, now I'm not so sure. He was kind of up and down in limited action last season - has shown potential, but also showed signs of not being so awesome, too. I'm not especially concerned about height - was a big Flutie fan back in the day. But I do remember watching him in the Senior Bowl and at the Combine and thinking, "Man, he really sucks." I'm getting those doubts again...


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                      great post, it doesnt really matter who starts at QB, because next year it will be Flaccos.


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                        As an Ohio State fan, I can tell you that Troy Smith is a gamer. Whatever happens on the practice field is fine and dandy but when it comes down to it there are always certain players that you know you can count on when game day rolls around, and Smith is one of them. If you followed his college career at all you would know that he got beaten out for the starting quarterback role at Ohio State by Justin Zwick, a pro-style quarterback who was rarely fantastic but usually solid. When Zwick got injured Troy was given his chance and what he did on the field was what kept his name at the first spot on the depth chart, not necessarily what he did in practice.

                        I would also add that I'm trying to make it look like Smith cannot practice well, merely that he's not really a 'practice hero' (at least this is how I have interpreted it), which could hurt him in the NFL, moreso than it did in college.



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