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    Originally posted by BmoreBlackByrdz View Post
    yeah, if Vontae is at our pick its a no brainer, and if he falls past Houston, I think we should atleast try to trade up and get him. He's arguably top 10 talent but teams have got other needs. But if we don't trade, and VD and DHB are gone, which is the most likely scenario, I WANT HAKEEM NICKS! With our defense taking a step backward, we need to add some offensive playmakers to try and balance things out for Flacco as well. He just lost a key part to his o-line and giving him a WR like Nicks is a great replacement.
    Vontae Davis has been on a freefall. Teams think his attitude and lack of college production make him a second coming of his brother. The corners are all dropping, so the run should happen at a later point in the draft. He seems like a CMac v.2, big physical and really fast, but comes with some character issues. I think he'll be in our range.


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      Whoa, if he is anything like his brother, I would question signing him. Vernon is that farthest thing from a team player and he's a real jerk to his teamates. check this vid - If Vontae is going to be a jerk in the locker room, I'd rather us go WR and let him fall. I love his skill set and talent, but Harbaugh is a team first guy and I don't think he'll tolerate Davis's attitude 1 bit.


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        Another one (veteran CB) bites the dust.

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