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    Originally posted by drowe View Post
    definitely know of him. i've seen him a lot, but beyond just saying 'hi' i've never formally met him.

    he was a few years older than me, but he was dating my trig teacher's daughter, so he always came back to the high school and hung out. i think he ran a football camp in town too. good guy. local hero kinda. after he got cut by the cardinals he came back to the area to play for the Blizzard.
    how do you know him?
    My brother went through his QB academy for three years, and my dad, brother and I visited him down in Dallas about three years ago when he was still with the Desparados. We played three rounds of golf through the week, had a few meals together, and he showed us some stuff to do in Dallas. He's a quality individual and he coaches half a mile down from where I work in the summer now.

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