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Kelly Gregg calling out UFC star

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  • Kelly Gregg calling out UFC star

    this is just comical. Gregg would die in a fight against Lesnar
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    It'd be fun to watch to say the least. Kelly's got the right attitude as well haha. I can't wait to get him back next year.


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      This one sounds nice, but Lesnar is a beast!
      I love watching fight!

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        Gregg would get eaten alive against just about any UFC fighter IMO. I know he was a wrestler or something in college, but man... Has he taken a look at Lesnar? We would need some more depth at DT before the season because he would get killed by him lol.


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          Well he obviously meets the physical demands since he's in the NFL. Plus since he was such a great wrestler in high school and could have gone anywhere for wrestling he must have good technique. If you combine those 2 things plus a crazy competitive attitude, I'd say you have a good fighter in the making. With training, he could be a UFC fighter, but i don't know about beating Brock.
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            that is quite Epic!
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