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UDFA?? Who should we sign...

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  • UDFA?? Who should we sign...

    I think there are some steals out there for us.. on both sides of the ball.. I would love to see us sign

    Darry Beckwith LB LSU
    Edwin Williams C UMD
    Greg Orton WR Purdue
    Aaron Kelly WR Clemson
    Frantz Joeseph LB Florida Atlantic

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    We signed QB Drew Willy from Buffalo already. I am on board to sign ILB Frantz Joseph (like the other 80% of the forum)


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      Beckwith would be a steal.. he hits like a truck.. and some had us taking him in the 2nd rd not to long ago..


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        Beckwith is in SD now I think. We got Gano, which is all I really care about. He could easily make a big impact.


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          Williams and Kelly are already signed elsewhere I know for a fact.

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              so far we've signed..
              QB Drew Willy (Buffalo)
              DT Will Johnson (Michigan)
              OL Greg Ryan (Western Kentucky)
              DE Willie VanDeSteeg (Minnesota)
              WR Eron Riley (Duke)
              OT Cameron Goldberg (Duke)
              LB Dannell Ellerbe (Georgia)
              K Graham Gano (FSU)

              I like Eron Riley as that receiver we needed to get.
              He's 6'3 205, so he's got great size..
              He ran under a 4.40 40, so he's got great speed..
              If he can learn to be more consistent, he'll be a nice wideout.

              Im real high on Demetrius Williams though..
              he's got the skills, he's just always hurt.

              WR1- Mason, D Williams, Eron Riley
              WR2- Clayton, Figurs, Harper, Maxwell

              Im really looking for Harper, or Riley to emerge in the preseason so we have a solid group of receivers.
              Mason+ Clayton do work
              Demetrius is good, but has to stay healthy
              Figurs is a burner, who needs to get better at being a WR.
              Harper n Riley have all the skills, but need to put it all together

              Go Celtics
              Go Irish
              Go Ravens


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                I don't expect the undrafted guys to contribute at all ever. We really do need to add top talent soon.


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                  i love the Ellerbe pick up i remember before the draft I was hoping for him.

                  I also love the Gano pick up and the Riley pick up, his physical tools are very nice


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                    You guys seem to like the Michigan boys lately (Will Johnson). I doubt he makes your roster, but his best position actually should be 3-4 DE, so you never know. He's incredibly strong, but other than that, I'm not sure that he offers much.

                    Originally posted by Jakey

                    i am literally gonna kick a baby to death!


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                      Ellerbe and Gano are my favorites. I doubt many of those guys make the team. I do like what lordquas said about that WR from Duke. Great size and speed, but he went to Duke and I have never seen him play so I can't say much.


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                        Here's a current list of who we have signed that I've been keeping on another site:


                        Drew Willy - QB


                        Will Johnson - DL


                        Greg Ryan - OL
                        Willie VanDeSteeg - DE
                        Graham Gano - K


                        Eron Riley - WR


                        Cameron Goldberg - OL
                        Dannell Ellerbe - LB


                        Jason Cook - FB


                        Isaiah Williams - WR


                        David Jones - DB



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                          First off......Isaiah Williams! TERPSSSSSSS BABY!!!!!!!

                          I like a few of the guys we've snatched so far, specifically Eron Riley and Dannell Ellerbe. I think either of these guys could potentially make the team. I think Eron Riley has a ton of untapped potential, he's got prototypical size, and top notch athleticism, if he can improve his hands he could be a diamond in the rough pick up. Hey if Marques Colston came from a 7th round pick, we could get a solid UDFA reciever right? Ellerbe regressed last year and that is the difference maker between him going undrafted this year instead of getting drafted but I believe the potential is there, I think he'd be a good fit on our defense, and could be that next great late round LB for the Ravens. In order for these guys to make the team I'd imagine, Riley would have to beat out Justin Harper/Yamon Figurs, and for Ellerbe he'd have to beat out Prescott Burgess.

                          Here's a video of Eron Riley:
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                            Originally posted by BmoreBlackByrdz View Post
                            im glad we got a strong legged field goal kicker.


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                              I think signing Marvin Harrison to a 2 year deal would be great.
                              Hes an experienced, and would help Flaccos progress immensely.
                              And by the time his contract is up, maybe Demetrius Williams and/or Eron Riley/ Justin Harper will emerge into a solid threat.

                              I want Dez Bryant next year

                              Go Celtics
                              Go Irish
                              Go Ravens



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