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News Update 5/28

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  • News Update 5/28

    We signed Robby Felix, I think the guy has some potential. Looks like he would have been a 3rd-4th rounder if it wasn't for the stroke. John Matsko does great things with linemen with talent (i.e Jared Gaither, Jason Brown, Ben Grubbs) so don't be suprised to see Felix be a starter couple years from now.
    We also signed Lou Saucedo and Stefan Rodgers (former Eagles) to add depth at Tackle. They are both 6-5 330 and 310. So they fit right in as our typical road gratters but I doubt either will be a key starter. Just solid depth.

    Thoughts on these moves?

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    heard about robby felix. I hope he succeeds in the nfl. Its a great story

    besides that, its been a couple quiet weeks for the ravens

    Go Ravens!


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      I like the Felix pickup. I only saw him play once, UT vs. UTEP this year; but they racked up a bunch of yards on the ground. I think Lamarr Houston (a quicker, more athletic tackle) was out for that game though.

      And does anyone know who that guy on the left is. Might sound kind of ***, but he looks like a beast.


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        and KFFL says David Hale has been lining up at 2nd team C.


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          Wasn't Hale a Tackle? But glad to see the coaches working those guys at positions of need.


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            Originally posted by BmoreBlackByrdz View Post
            Wasn't Hale a Tackle? But glad to see the coaches working those guys at positions of need.
            He was more of a guard than a tackle IMO, but if he can learn the C position that's awesome. Another big physical center like Brown is exactly what we need on the inside, and I think Hale could be that. He was another of our red star players like Rice and Kruger were when we picked them so we know our front office and coaching staff love the guy. Hopefully it's for good reason.


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              yeah, never underestimate what John Matsko can do with linemen. look at Gaither :D



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