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    So I read a report that since Adrian Wilson is now signed, its going to be almost impossible for the Cardinals to resign Anquan Boldin in 2009 the way the contract was structured. Now the next piece of the puzzle is 2010 since that may or may not be an uncapped year.

    We need to step in and get him. I still think he is the missing piece of the puzzle we have been missing on offense and he fits the mold of a Raven. I know the FO snow job has been "We are happy with our Receiving Crew" but seriously come on. We need a Target for Flacco to throw so that is a #1 option. Mason and Clayton are excellent slot type guys but Clayton is a marginal deep threat guy is a more athletic version of Mason.

    PLEASE OZZIE get a package together and go get Boldin !!!!

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    It's way too late now. Plus the Cards have a very low interest in giving him away anyways. Add that too the fact that the Ravens FO doesn't like to give up high draft picks and it's almost impossible to happen. Plus, we are already negotiating with all the rookies, plus Suggs and Gaither. Boldin would create another headache for Ozzie & Co.


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      Yes he might.. but not a headache in a bad way!! That's a headache worth taking on... gaither is going to need a long term deal... but until he has made a pro bowl he can't garner TOP LT money...and we normally don't pay on potential? We have been good about paying for proven and continued performance and I think Gaither will get a lot less then we think and it will be justified and Ozzie and Co will go back and make good on a better deal when the time warrants like they have with every other player...



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